Too much attacking!

This is getting ridiculous with how much I’m getting attacked. I play in normal mode and I’ve gotten to the point where I took down the Ogo army and then the different attacks against the Kohn (Forgot how it was spelled) empire of the orgs. Every day I get attacked against a total of at least 20 orgs. Twice a day two armies come in but I can defend off. It’s just annoying with how much you get attacked though because then you can’t do anything else because you need to focus on defending. I think that the developers should lower the attack rate enormously. I feel like it should be 1 army attack every 3 days. This allows the player to actually be able to grow as a civilization and not have to look out for attacks every time one ends. I also get that it’s end game as well and that it’s suppose to have these kinds of things to make it difficult on your town but this to be is over-board. If a dev if reading this, please lower that amount of attack on towns.


This also does NOT include the goblin wolves or thieves that will also attack from the small camps.

I understand your frustration, but if you’re really at that point in the game then there’s a bit of an expectation that you probably have a very high net worth and in turn should have adequate defenses and soldiers to repel the invading forces.

I’m not much of a war strategy style gamer but stonehearth definitely pushes you to balance your economics and military. If you’re not running with a third to half of your population as soldiers then you definitely leave yourself out matched.

But again to defenses your best strategy if you don’t want to directly engage may need to be holding up and letting your archers cull the onslaught while developing safer routes for your supplies.

Don’t get me wrong though until I started using clerics regularly I never made it past initial onslaught. But yeah, getting pounded over and over sucks, but for right now I think the combat is balanced “ENOUGH” to say you can defend yourself, but if you die then it’s just a reason to start over and build a new civilization.

Countless hearthlings were harmed in the development of this response,


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So I might be completely wrong about this as I haven’t gotten to this point but do you have the gong thingy out? I thought that that triggered more attacks?

I also feel that many times a bit further into the game it’s just annoying how frequent you get attacked. It’s not hard to defend against just annoying to hear a new battle music start 10 seconds after the previous attack 2-3 times a row and having to stop what ever your doing to make sure your hearthlings do what they should to protect your town :slight_smile:

Less attacks and harder ones imo would be a lot more fun and give us more time to fight.
Some things that helps sometimes is to make sure to take out all their camps ect but that kinda also removes all the time you could spend on improving town :slight_smile:

I hope this will change


I would say too that one thing they could do is make the smarter enemies attack your camp but leave the wild animals to wandering aimlessly. It’s kinda crazy how the animals too seem to just come out organized and looking to destroy you even though you pose no immediate threat to them.

The goblins want your goods and to conquer you, but why are the wolves coming out all suicide pack mentality looking to fight or die.

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i always get attacked by 2 or 3 things at the same time i just cant defend my stuff normally

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Just got attacked by 4 groups now withiin 30 seconds xD

Yes I agree that it is easy to defend. I use two clerics, 3 archers, and 4 knights and it works perfectly. However I’m just stating the fact that you shouldn’t be getting attacked this much. Other than that I agree with everything else you said.

Yes I have the gongs but the gongs trigger an event to start. This however only creates a camp that once you defeat it will go back to normal attacking. This goes for all 4 gongs once placed as well. Once the boss is defeated at the end it still will revert to normal attacks.

Ye, same here. This is a little frustrating with the amount of attacks. And lmao that’s what I was talking about with the 4 attacks out of no where.

I recommend that you get 4 knights, 2 clerics, and 3 archers. Knights with all silver gear and clerics with the silver headband and then archers with the improved bow and fire arrows. This will get you far. They will defend off these attacks easily for you.

by the time I have defeated the goblin chief and mountain the ogre I have probably about 20-25 Hearthlings and I have 3 clerics and at least 6 or 7 others in the group

I try to pull 3 knights with 6 body the clerics have to have at least 5 or 6 spirit and any archers I have are 5 or 6 body as well

I normally do 3 knights, clerics, archers and footmen

as for the amount of attacks increasing if you read the dialogs from the different people as you defeat them it makes sense since you become ’ the most powerful’ of all the tribes of creatures out there . everyone wants to challenge you at that point

Yeah, but it is really though the one empire of orgs is the most annoying with the constant attacks. At the end of the boss, once you kill her, they say that you’re a worthy opponent and that they’ll keep coming back for more battles. Which is what they’re doing after that like 2 or more times a day.

ill have to confirm once I get a bit farther but I have noticed more attacks even before beating the goblin chief… atm I got 3 clerics and 5 ( I think) footmen. and I got 23 or 24 Hearthlings atm so ill have to check once I get my town a bit more developed

It is a little ambiguous for me. But just to clarify, at least from the code perspective, the gongs keep creating camps even after the campaign end. So you have your daily randoms, plus the gongs.


Put away the gongs! :slight_smile: Then see how many attacks you receive.

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