Well done on the combat devs- but some balancing is needed

I just got my ass totally kicked. I was unprepared with a population of 24, and now I am down to 9. Gives me the challenge I was looking for, but maybe a little overbearing. Two attacks within 5 minutes.

Anyways, I’m glad the combat is much tougher!

Update: People seem to be entirely misinterpreting my posts. My point was that I love the difficulty, but I think there should be a little bit of balancing when you lose a big portion of your town. I had no chance of recovery after a tiny mistake. It was like an MMA fighter continually punching someone after a concussion - not cool. After losing my fighters, the next set of attacks were against level one footmen, which had zero chance.

Okay, maybe it’s a little too hard. I was trying to rebuild my town and got back up to 12 people, then got attacked by thieves. I tried to get everyone to the safehouse on second floor, but now everyone is dead.

I believe part of it was that the monsters didn’t “reset” their levels. I had two level one footmen that got destroyed by one wolf. Another wolf and a thief joined in on the party and just started killing everyone else.

The game should’ve ended, but it’s still going even though no one is alive.

You have to have 2 footman right off the bat. Then get a cleric as fast as possible. I’m up to 32 hearthling a on mine and at one point I was fighting a group of Ents, a stone golem, 3 wolves and some goblins. All in the middle of my camp. It was just like the royal rumble only without the half naked dudes pretending to be mad at each other.

When I 23 hearthlings, I had 4 footmen and a cleric. They all got destroyed by archers, which I couldn’t have because I didn’t have any bows. I had just (finally) got a carpenter and they hadn’t leveled up enough to make a bow. It was my plan to get at least two.

When I got attacked, all my soldiers died and so did a few other witnesses so it brought me down to nine. They had enough of me and disappeared. This wasn’t a problem. This brought a challenge and it was nice.

Then I had two foot soldiers again (with weapons, armor, shields, etc.), but they got killed by one wolf and then it was game over. They didn’t have time to level up.

This may have been a factor, but I’ve been playing on the same saved game since alpha 13. So it was finally this alpha that destroyed the entire town.

I can’t imagine trying to play RC on hardmode now (though I’ve only played one normal game of them in A15).

Playing Ascendancy this time around, I had ~16 people for a while, 10 of which were knights (2), clerics (2), archers (4) and footmen (2) in two parties of 5, like a traditional RPG party. Wrecked shop, even if production and construction was painfully slow. But now I’m at 27 without really trying to expand, and haven’t lost a soul.

the game wont end, because the next day a hearth shall join. even though if all the mobs are still around he/she wont have a chance

The game scales the attacks with your population so the higher number of hearthlings you have the more combatants you should have, at 24 hearths you should have between 5-8 combatants, 8 if you are playing on hard mode. also a mixed group is far stronger than just 1 class.

I am still finding hard mode too easy…

When do enemy archers and kobolds start showing up?

I restarted an RC game and I’m just now hitting 20 hearthlings, haven’t seen enemy archers yet. Also don’t have bows yet though just due to challenge of skilling up a carpenter.