Footmen too overpowered

Being a timber and stone refugee, I was happy to find that this game pretty much performed better in most if not every way. After a while, my only footman at the time, a level 6 with mid tier gear, got aggro’d towards some giant zombies. I was worried at first, because i though he would surely die to these creatures, but no. He proceeded to wipe out four giant zombies, taking on about three at a time, and lost only about half his hitpoints.

I was surprised at first, but this soon turned to boredom as I am able to pretty much counter any threat with just three guys. I think enemies should be a lot more dangerous than they are now, or there should at least be a hardcore mode.


Hey there @theFipmip, welcome to the Discourse!

Great news, the devs feel the same way, and combat is the focus of A16 (coming to a Steam library near you soon). Planning improvements include lots of tuning, two new fighting classes (the knight and the archer), a new healing class (the cleric), and more!


The giants do get more dangerous as the game progresses. In my current game I’m up in Feastmun and I’ve actually had individual footmen clad in full plate and top end gear die 1v1 vs the chest-guarding giants.