Footmen engaging enemy at SUPER LONG DISTANCE



My Footmen seem to be stuck in a sort of “Fight Mode.”

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to reproduce this bug/glitch. But I’m hoping this helps in some small way.

I’ve uploaded my save file in order for you guys to have a look see! (8.0 MB)


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Thanks for the save! Your footmen are engaged SUPER LONG DISTANCE with the zombie in the forest. I’m not sure why (we will keep investigating) but to unstick them, try attacking and wiping out the zombie in the forest, first.

P.S. Nice houses!



Huh… You guys are awesome to your community! Thank you.

But yeah, hopefully this small report helps out. Thanks for taking a look, for the advice, and for the compliment!


Can I add that it’d be nice if there was a way to STOP your people from attacking, as once they decide to chase something, they will chase it forever. I’ve tried making them move far, far away, I wiped their profession and made them a footman again and they still went after the thing they wanted to slay (1 of my several footmen got too close to a chief’s camp I didn’t want to attack yet). The only thing that cleared it was something else finally showed up for them to slay that was safely away from the camp they wanted to go after.

Could be as simple as “cancel combat order” button that exists wiping their “memory” for aggroing on stuff (as now it only seems to wipe orders explicitly given by the player"

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Fixed for the next build. Thanks for the report!