Footman running off

Hey for some reason my new footman is running off to fight a giant zombie far outside my town. I keep telling the footman to go back to the town but as soon as she gets back she runs off again. I talked one of you guys at PAX west today and he said to give you guys a save, but i can’t seam to upload it yet.


have you packed it in a .zip file? If so you could always upload it towards an file sharing site and link it here :slight_smile:
If not pack it in a .zip file (not rar) and try again.

Just in case its because your a new forum member i’ll page some helpers.
@8BitCrab @Relyss @sdee @Albert


that has always been the case afaik.
I use the following workaround:

  • sentry command. it will finally stop the idiot from making another suicide run. At least after some time, it will either forget the target, or the target will expire.

  • lockdown the town. e.g. block your gates with fences. Idiots don’t deserve freedom. It may actually improve their efficiency if you have everything you need in town, e.g. farms, trees. You don’t even need navigation access to trade. Just open the “door” occasionally to let new migrants in.


Welcome to the forum, @sumcoolguy :smiley:

You should be able to upload files now. (6.5 MB)

Here is the save for you guys to look at. For now I’ll just use the sentry command to keep the poor fool from her heroes quest.

I loaded your savefile in A18 and I was able to stop your footman. I tried cancelling the combat commands and telling them to go to the corner of your town that was furthest from the zombie. And then, the footman stopped trying to go outside the town, and went to rest on a bed.

Later she glitched for a while on the corner of the bed, but that’s another story =)
(I had to use the town alert mode to prevent your workers to go pick up loot where the zombie was).

In any case, it seems that the zombie is about to die, you should be able to manage with just one footman. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looks at this, it just didn’t make sense why she kept running off to die