Suicide Soldiers?

Currently, there are three giant zombies a fair distance away from my village. One solider discovered where they were, and then for the life of me, I couldn’t persuade her to not rush in to her death. Ordering her back only got her to return temporarily. Then, my replacement soldier picks up his training sword… and promptly rushes back there to die! Is there some way we can stop that?

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What is ur Current Alpha u on and D/####. They shouldn’t be doing that as of now. Make sure ur on the current game. To be on the current Alpha (A15) go to ur steam, right click on stonehearth, Then select properties, The select the Beta tab, and set it for latest.

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related to bug reports:

The only workaround (with some downsides) someone mentioned is to disable “job” with the hearthling therapist for every footsoldier and only turn it back on when an actual attack happens.

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Sorry for bumping up this thread again after it has quietened down, but I’m currently running release-549 and for the love of God, my footmen are running into the same problem as mentioned by the OP. Already disabled the “job” option, but it doesn’t work at all.

Would give the save but in my rage I did not save it, unfortunately (Was only on day 8 too)

Any suggestions?