Non stop villagers running to their deaths

I’m not sure if this is really considered a bug or just that the footman patrol option or something similar is not implemented yet, which creates this problem.

Basically what happened was my trapper got killed far away by goblins, then all my workers automatically tried to go pick up his stuff and one by one they were killed as well. Every time a worker went to pick up his knife (s)he’d die and then someone else would go try to get the knife and the previous worker’s outfit. Meanwhile my footman is sitting by the fire.

Blowing the horn to get my workers to fight didn’t help at all.

It would also be nice to have a little alarm go off (similar to age of empires perhaps) when someone is under attack. I seldom read the text in the bottom right corner and was unaware that my trapper was even in trouble. Regardless there was nothing that I could have done to help him.

Thanks for any help/suggestions! I realize that I may just need to wait until my citizens are more capable.


Definitely had similar issues. Trapper was out checking on trapping zones and a goblin scared her out very far from the colony. After death, other villagers were able to locate the items but not return. Eventually the trapper knife disappeared so I am unable to make another trapper (assuming this would be remedied in future with more job classes). Similarly this whole time the footman did nothing.

Generally it seems if a lone villager is discovered by goblins there’s a significant chance they’ll just completely go insane and run off in the woods, and once far enough no villager knows how to return to the colony and eventually dies off. Don’t know if such behaviour is intended or a bug.