Non-footmen dying without a chance

Sometimes when I play the game and my camera leaves where my workers are to look around my village, enemies spawn there, and pretty much instantly dying from them because they don’t run away. Please fix these two issues: allowing enemies and enemy villages to spawn near the villagers, and rather than the workers running away, they just ball up and shake in fear, even if I call town defense mode.

Hey there @miniblaze24, welcome to the Discourse! What version of the game were you playing in?


Newest version of alpha 14.

I have had a number of non combatants just cower and die in a spot. Worst lately was having 5 die in successive attacks over 3 days.

Maybe they could cower up a tree or something. Have the enemies attack the tree to bring it down, at least then you would have time to bring in the footmen.

Hmm…this might be something for @linda to look into. If you activated Town Alert Mode even a Hearthling with low spirit should get enough of a boost to retreat to the flag. Also, unless there is a large space between buildings, farms, and zones, enemies should not be spawning within your village.

Hey , it reminds me something. When I build stone wall on a small entrance, I thought that enemies will at least break the wall then enter my base, but they just walk through and like nothing happen…=3=

Well, it was a bit of a playstyle that killed so many off, I tried making a large wall first off but it took forever but got me many points towards higher level enemies, which chased my poor guys down with one guard. The cowering issue came from the fact the enemies were very high level and two or three hitting my hearthlings and they were all trapped in caves on the opposite side of the enemy to the exit. (boo urns on me not mentioning that)

I’ve since finished the wall now everything is so easy to avoid and defeat that there is again no issue.

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