Ways for enemies to invade your town when surrounded by walls

As most of you know, enemies pretty much can’t do anything when you build a wall/fence around your town. This is especially the case if there isn’t even a door for ogres to break open. Here I would like to suggest some ways for enemies to finaly be a threat to you, even if you are fully surrounded by walls.

Different Enemy Types:

  • Flying Units: The most obvious way to make your town at least a little bit vulnerable to enemy attacks is by implementing flying enemies. Maybe some very aggressive bird-style monsters, or even a completely new race (the birdmen). They can fly over obstacles and therefore reach any place in the open, even if there are walls
  • Climbing Units: To make goblins/orcs a threat, they could start to learn climbing walls. Maybe at a very slow pace, so that it gives you some time to organize before the fight starts.
  • Wall Destroying Units; The last option I present is, that certain enemy units can destroy walls. They dont destroy it completely, they only put a hole into the wall (walls and building alike), which can be easily repaired by mason/carpenter.

Or just let them make ladders like real war?


Yeah I like the ladders

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As long as hearthling automatically remove them after battle, I’m ok with that. Wouldn’t like to see that the player has to manually remove them all the time. :smiley:


Maybe like moles that go in the dirt and go in to your town and if you have a base in the cave they can come in like that and Maybe like fast goblins that take your stuff and brake some blocks in a building but nohing you can’t build back.


If you make your city surrounded by walls the enemies just spawn closer to the centre (if that hasn’t been changed)

I’m pretty sure enemies are supposed to spawn outside of the furthest range of your buildings.


So it was changed. Nevermind. But it did work that way.

Could also go with cuter ways of them getting over the walls that fit Stonehearth’s style:

  • The Stone Golem could pound stonelings into the ground and they dig up on the other side of the wall.
  • Ogres could toss party mates over the wall (to a certain height) maybe sometimes they miss and hit the wall.
  • Goblins could stand on each others shoulder in a wobbly ladder until the one on top can grab the edge and then the lowest goblin could climb up the goblin chain until they’re all over.
  • Maybe the smaller varanus roll into a ball and the larger ones bat em over the wall with their tail.
  • Need rafts for goblins/kobolds/orcs to invade island towns.

I realize this is probably an animation nightmare, but it could look really cool giving them each a unique way of dealing with walls that don’t have doors the larger units can break down.


This sounds amazing! I could see why it would be an animation nightmare though lol.

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For the start I have to say:
I played for a long time and have some experience in moding, but just recently got the time to sit down and start modding stonehearth.

I would like that every enemy could somehow enter a town,
but more than that I wished the workers in the attacking force could do something,
like create “instable” ladders?
shouldn’t be too hard to implement I think

anyone experienced enough to do that?

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I support goblin ladders; living gobbo-stacks or just the wooden variety