[Con] [130] Villagers will not fight

Just loaded an existing map in release 130, I had killed all the goblins I could see on the map before loading. When loaded there were 10-20 goblins waiting.

But the real problem is that when rallying the villagers will not fight. (footman also did not). Four villagers were inside a 25X40 building and one goblin. I “rally-ed” and un-rally-ed several times and nothing. The villager being attacked just covered it’s head, the others standing within 5-10 voxels stood in the “on guard” position but did not engage and when the first died the next attacked just covered it’s head.

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I experienced this a bit. The goblins that came were not close enough to the footman, who was patrolling the stockpiles, so he didn’t fight them. And then, when I told the settlers to attack instead, they fought him, but after receiving one hit they covered their head and ran. Fortunately they came back after a few seconds to support whoever was fighting the goblin after them.

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Did you by chance load a save that had ‘Incompatible save version’ written below it in red writing?

The reason I ask is that the scenarios that spawn goblins have a maximum squad size of 3, (4 including the thief) - I cant see how you have 10-20 goblins spawned unless you loaded an obsolete save.

If you did load a 130 save, then it would appear that it has been corrupted, which while unfortunate, would explain your issue.


No “incompatible save warning” and I looked for it just to be sure.

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I ran into this in my latest video my citizens refused to fight goblins, I eventually had to promote two soldiers and the soldiers would fight; however the citizens still wouldn’t fight.

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We’re tweaking the radius of the combat sensor; if this happens again, could you post a screenshot so we can see how far they are from the goblins?

@Ramcat and @Krovikan can you confirm if this only happens on load?

Youtube is currently processing the video I spoke of should be up soon. The farmers were right next to the goblins and being attacked by them, I clicked the defense button and they got in attack stance and then just sat there being beat up.

Edit: Also this happened a few moments after loading a old save (from r127), I tried saving it after loading it and reloading and same thing happened. Eventually I figured out soldiers would still attack. (Youtube says 44 minutes on my video processing)

Issues presents itself from at the two minute mark.


That video shows the behavior I was seeing but I did not have the “incompatible version” warning he did. I have not been able to replicate this problem except in the case of a lost villager one on one with a goblin. In that case about half the time I pressed the “rally” button the villager would fight, the other half it would just cover its head. The fight was in tall trees so I could not see everything going on.

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Maybe its a question not for here… but how come you guys are on buld 130? and if was on that would finally have a completed house?

Sorry for hijacking!

hey there @markcumiskey… welcome aboard! :smile:

folks can take part and test the latest steam “unstable build” (in this case, 130) by following this guide:


edit: thanks for the video update @Krovikan! :+1:

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Than you very much!
Very Helpful!

edit: Unfrotunatly still no fix for building :frowning: always unfinished!

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Try building a new building see if it finishes, there is a chance that it gets stuck; however out of two builds I built in my most recent town one was complete one wasn’t. That was in r127 though that the building failed.


We’re having some trouble reproducing this in build 130, any tips welcome.

I haven’t been able to reproduce it, except in the one on one issue. I would consider it dead, until it happens to someone else or in the next version. Minus this, the new combat response of the villagers to run after a sighted goblin is a great improvement over R129.


I’m not really sure how to reproduce it, after I loaded I was attacked right away then after that I didn’t get any goblins or caverns that I noticed. Actually commented later in the video I thought that was strange as I usually get 2-3 over and episode. So I don’t know if my game was in a bad state, I reloaded that game about 5-6 times off camera and the bug consistently happened.

Not sure if it was related to being a r127 save played in r130; if it was related to the goblins already queue by the engine when r127 was save or if it had none of the above issues.

I know in my r127 video this bug did not happen, infact I commented that my guys were overpowered in r127. I also linked my r127 video below if it can help.

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