[R875] Footman sheathing and unsheathing weapon repeatedly while patroling

I’m not certain how to report this one but I’m watching my footman(woman) pause, and glitchily wield and unwield her stone maul as she’s patrolling my fields. The field is near a fence so it could be a pathing issue but there’s plenty of room. It only seems to happen when she’s at the corner and making the turn. Note, she’s the second footman. The first one patrols just fine, but judging from her pathing she seems to be getting squeezed or indecisive about getting food. I’d get a screencap but it’s too fast.

Here’s the save. 1531740374491.zip (5.7 MB)

The only mods I have are Taiga and debugtools.

So what I’m seeing is that footman in patrol slot #1 is fine, but the footman in patrol slot #2 gets a bit glitchy. It’ll swap depending on who is the first one to take their position.

Another thing I’m noticing, @malley, is that when my Hearthlings are building, when they hammer there’s a jagged stutter bounce in their animation after they hammer, not during, which looks pretty bad.

Yup, our animations do not blend well, sadly this is a massive issue that will not be fixed. Its also probably not something that can be fixed via modding : /. At least not easily.

Aww…:glum: shucks.

Well thanks for letting us know.

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