FootMen Bug after a while in game

after a while in game the footmen buggs they are just standing still and dont patroling, They still move if i tell them but when i dont tell them to do anything they are just standing there.

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Thanks for reporting.

By any chance, do they have any transparent banner on them?
Do you have stockpiles or crates placed on the map?

hey there @Bonnen,

how many footmen do you have? if you have more then 2 (i think its 2) footmen then only a couple of them will patrol. it may be a bug, but its always behaved this way so i’m not certain…

Definitely hasn’t always behaved that way…was doing some testing a while back on A13, and had all 7 of my Hearthlings as footman, all patrolling. I did create a bunch of small stockpiles though, so it might be the case that only 1 footman can patrol each “patrol-able” thing at a time…

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i wasnt sure if that was a variable, in my current game i have about 50 crates that they dont patrol… but in the past (before crates) i know that if you had enough stockpiles they would patrol them if there were more then 2 footmen…

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I had a similar issue, however though when I told them to move to attack they wouldn’t. Also just left them idle and they still wouldn’t move. I had to switch their professions before they moved. I have exactly 2 footmen. Alpha 14 Dev 2820

Hey there @Retro_Gamer, did you happen to try saving and reloading the game when your footman “broke” before changing their professions?

No I didn’t try reloading but then again I wasn’t a part of the forum, however though I did have a problem with the carpenter even after reloading but repeating the issue seems annoying, the carpenter refused to craft anything after I put path in-front of the house, but I had another hearthling craft the bench and my main carpenter still refused so I changed them to a farmer and my farmer to the carpenter.

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