Having too many invasions

I have noticed in my last two villages, that after I finish the storyline (which I adore), the invasion forces become ridiculous, imo. I’m getting 3-4 invasion forces a day (on normal)…as soon as I’ve finished one invasion, another attacks the other side of my village. It’s a little too hectic for Normal, I believe. I like a bit of time between them to build up my village a bit before the next attack. Would love for the occurrences of the attacks to be toned down a bit. Again, this is after you finish the storyline.


There is three main sources of attack.
Daily randoms.
And gongs

You can do nothing about the daily spawns, but you can destroy camps so they stop spawning more soldiers, and can remove your gongs to remove the kobold challenges.

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Greetings @AzureScott :merry:

I have experienced exactly what you are descriping here and found a solution to it, or at least it seemed to make a change.

I had a town called Sheepdog that was located on a small peninsula with a chokepoint entrance and the defence was working as a charm, so i played through the gongs and finnished of the campaigns.
After that i wanted to expand my town and began to build outside my walls. All of a sudden the enemies started to spawn everywhere just as you describe!
It took me some time, but i mannaged to dig some trenches and make a new chokepoint, wich resulted in the enemies stopped spawning at that rate.

I am not sure what was going on or if what i experienced was a part of the code, but it seemed to make a difference!
So the more openings you have in your defence and flanks, the more spawns you will get… If my theory is correct?
Have a great day and get those hearthlings out and dig some trenches :jubilant:

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I’ve noticed this too. If I wall an area in so I’m free to dig/harvest/build at a leisurely pace and the enemies are limited or have no way to enter then they seem to stop spawning after a while. This gives me plenty of time to plan out where I want walls and to get an engineer or two up and running before I open the gates.

Thanks everyone. I may have discovered my issue. I left all 4 gongs out (as decorations). I’m gonna pack them up and see if I see a decrease in attacks.