[A23R784x64] Too frequent invasions on Normal?

Has anybody else noticed invasions seem to be happening more frequently on normal mode? I’ll often have two happening at the same time, coming from different directions. Then when those are finished, sometimes another comes along while my soldiers are recovering/returning to town. This is all before completing the storyline and I have no gongs. I had to wonder if I hadn’t accidentally chosen hard, but the same thing happens in all my saves.


You mentioned that you do not have the gongs placed in your town, but do you have any goblin trophies placed? They also increase the number of enemy groups that attack.

I don’t have any gongs or trophies placed and I find the same thing as the OP. It’s weird because most of the time it’s fine… but sometimes you just get hammered one after another after another… you never can get caught up even with a cleric.

This is also on games where I have zero or poor defenses. Like no walls or trenches or my walls were too far out so spawns were occurring inside my walls.

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Unless honor tokens in storage count, no. If it was just a single save it has been happening in, I’d chalk it up to whatever random thing decides invasions being weird. But it’s been happening in multiple saves. The ones, obviously, where I can get some walls and trenches up have been easier.

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