False positive invader encounters

my game keeps having false invader incounters i would put into defensive as soon as i hear the music change and they dont attack anything and nothing is on the map thats hostile (no invaders or goblins or thiefs or anything very strange happening every night on my current save i can upload my save files to you guys if you want to inspect the code with the save that is causing the problem i really dont want to have to start a new game for the 5th time due to bugs i know its an alpha but damn bugs are real

Its possible that there’s an undead stuck nearby. When it turns morning so you ever hear a “poof” noise as if an enemy was killed?

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nope i also have a weaird glitch where wone of my hearthlings walks on his ass(with his feet on his head )

That bug’s already been reported many times now. Do you happen to have slice or xray mode on?

nuu and ma weaver all da sudden refuses to do its job … cant progress without comphy beds

Try demoting your weaver and promoting someone else to weaver.

Do you an area mined out?

and now my village turned into ignore the player day no ones doing anythign there all idling as we speak and they all have jobs to do except 1 who has harvest orders

give me a moment to get screen shots … Pasteboard — Uploaded Image im not sure if my games fully updated its on alpha 10.5 and steam refuses to update it any further

Pasteboard — Uploaded Image heres a screenshot of my current setup (stockpiles and farms and that stuff

The idle bug can occur for a few reasons, what was going on at the time they all stopped working? @8BitCrab can you link some of the similar bug threads and any workarounds? On my phone so it’s a bit tempermental.

can you contact me on skype so i can screen share with you my games going nuts 15 encounters in a single night … waits for it … ah there it is 16

Oh, I see the problem. Its a bad idea to have your village at the edge of the map, most likely these bugs are caused in part by you being right at the corner.

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can you contact me on skype so i can screen share with you my games going nuts 15 encounters in a single night … waits for it … ah there it is 16

so should i uproot my town and move it off the edge of the map or just start a new game

Starting a new game would be th easiest.

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ok i went ahead and wiped out my old colony will inform if the new one starts bugging out in about 3 weeks game time it should

UPDATE::: bugged out so hard after an hour of play all my people died for no reason had plenty of food and no invasions for a week game time

Ok, any screenshots of what was going on at the time of the hunger strike? Did you perhaps give too many commands? Were you near the edge of the world?

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no they all killed themselves by being stupid during a defensive order (going after a group of 3 invaders 1 at a time)