[Con] [A10 dev 2380] Zombie spawn on peaceful

In the alpha 10 build the zombies are apearing at nigh even on peaceful mode


Do you mean peaceful mode? I am having that issue where they spawn on night one in peaceful mode. :wink:

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you are right, i was playing at the time and talking with my wife so i forgot completely how the mode was named when i was writing.

But is the same, every night the zombies come to me and at the 4° night it was 6 zombies, my poor footman was nothing against then

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I’m getting the same bug. I tried to pull up the ladder on them, but that just left a hearthling to their mercy.

Confirmed. This is happening.

Any chance this will be fixed soon?

If it’s of any help, you can open the console (~ key, if enabled), click on a zombie, and type in ‘kill’ to get rid of it

Effective, but you may feel sinister as your murder count goes up…

Should be a fairly simple fix, will probably get pushed in the next build. If not, just have your hearthlings beat them to death, since they seem to be content to just walk past everyone.

Can confirm, Im on 64 bit, had them spawn several nights in a row, wiped out my entire settlement.

In Alpha 9 I played on peaceful mode a lot so I could just focus on building. However, now in Alpha 10, it’s just a bit disappointing when the undead destroy my camp on the first night - on peaceful mode.

Yes, this is still in in 2387.


Second night owning the game. Bummed to see this after downloading the unstable build. Will go back to Alpha 9 and true peaceful mode to get my bearings with the game and mechanics.

Anyone remembers if we had also goblins in peaceful mode in the past?

Because I remember something like that, but I haven’t found related reports…

I don’t think we’ve ever had goblins on peaceful mode, I’ve played it a lot since peaceful mode came out and can’t recall any goblins. :stuck_out_tongue: Could of missed them but the amount I’ve played it I don’t remember a single goblin in peaceful.


Ok, so it’s only zombies then. Thanks :smile:

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Isn’t there some line thats like peaceful-spawn: false? or something like that? xD