More Difficulty Modes

I don’t know why but it seems even in normal mode i get attacked multiple times a day and i don’t want to play peaceful because then it’s to easy so how about an easy mode where they can only attack you once every other day

I once had three different things attacking me all at once in NORMAL mode i was being attack by mountain the ogre some of the ents and a stone golem there wasn’t much i could do i realy hope that the final game has

Peaceful Nothing can attack
Easy Can be attacked every few day
Normal Can be attacked once a day
Hard Can be attacked multiple times a day

And maybe a Master mode eventually even harder than hard idk this one is definatley optional

But yeah normal is to hard and peaceful is to easy that’s sort of what im trying to say and this is the solution

(also when are the northmen alliance coming out i would like to know btw)

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Although it doesn’t address exactly what you’re curious about, both Normal and Hard mode feature different underlying tiers of difficulty, controlled by which gong structures you place in your town - if you haven’t yet, I would try placing the elite gong in a hard mode playthrough. It gets kinda crazy (though by no means unmanageable).

One of the major differences I have found between Normal and Hard is that the quantity of enemies really doesn’t matter as much in Normal. Once you have a couple of footmen and a cleric it just won’t matter if there is only one guy, or a whole horde of undead, it’s still a manageable amount of damage for your healer and by the time you are able to progress your footmen to knights the enemies will scale accordingly. This kind of dynamic is not the same in Hard, where if you don’t have a knight to soak kobold arrows (once they start spawning), you’re very quickly going to lose.

Perhaps, if you’re finding that normal is too challenging, consider some interim measures which can make your gameplay less about defending yourself from a threat of immediate annihilation and more about whatever you would like to do. Factors like town placement, building and placing walls and gates, or even isolating your settlement on an island can make a big difference in how you experience the game. I find that tearing down ladders to higher or lower ground after I have gotten what I need can really help me control where enemies are coming from, since they can’t scale up or down the world without using paths that you have already placed.

Good luck!

There’s currently a mod for easy mode by @BrunoSupremo.

I am also working on a harder difficulty called Lunatic mode that’s supposed to be harder than hard mode.

I’m finding normal mode too easy, actually. I like to wall off my cities for aesthetics and it seems like it greatly reduces the amount of enemies you encounter. My understanding is that they can’t find a path to your banner, so when they spawn they just sit around and don’t approach your city.

Hard mode is definitely hard but my one attempt at it was pretty brutal. Enemies ramped up very sharply and I quickly fell too far behind in strength and got demolished. Hard mode seems more focused specifically on surviving enemy encounters, whereas in normal you should have to take enemies into consideration but the focus is still on developing your town.

I think the best solution might be working on the interaction between enemies and walls. Perhaps if enemies despawn from no path a couple times we start encountering enemies that can, or even prefer to, attack walls and gates. Maybe the enemies scale up quicker in order to match your defenses. Either way, in the current state I feel like walls completely trivialize enemy attacks when it should just be more of a deterrent.

Idk if you got to the point ogres spawn, but they will try to break down doors to get into your city unlike goblins on normal mode and hard mode.

Actually no, I don’t think i’ve seen them before. Do they start spawning after a certain period of time or…?

i actually don’t build walls (when all those things attacked i had a knight 2 footmen and an archer)

And some people don’t seem to know what i was trying to say and i was trying to ask for an easier game difficulty or easy mode because i haven’t been able to get very far because i find normal to hard and maybe a harder mode than hard for masters of the game

I posted a mod that does just that.

it’s an easy mode that tones down things seen too hard in normal.

@Concord_Dawn they do start spawning at a certain time I believe and that’s like 30-40 days in.

Currently hard mode is out of wack, it was balanced in alpha 16 but now it isn’t.
People complained it was too hard, so the spawn rate on the enemies was reduced and now the difficulty curve of the enemies is too high.

The other problem is the second you beat the first goblin campaign no matter how strong your guys are the ork/kobold raids start coming in. If you beat the first campaign in any sort of a timely fashion i.e within the first month, you’re a goner, wait until a bit later and you won’t even realise you are fighting enemies that are like 4 times harder…

I dislike the gongs, it does increase the difficulty of the raids but because it is at a time in the game where you have essentially have everything all you need to beat them is more and more soldiers rather than a better strategy in how you play.

Personally I would like to see a game mode where the progression of the enemies you face is slowed down but the raids still get harder at the pace a little slower than hard mode atm. And maybe a higher spawn rate for the enemies overall, maybe like that bug where you’d get 3 or 4 raids spawn a day.
This would create more of a survival like dynamic to the game with your hearthlings defeating one wave to be immediately met by another.