(Idea) Difficulty

I’ve played the game for a long while now and it only keeps improving but another addition to the game that would REALLY make it more fun is to add a menu area or something to the settings (maybe in the gameplay tab perhaps?) controlling the difficulty ingame. It would simply enable/disable enemy spawning and since Ive got a town with 3 guards, I would like to see how well they would fare against some enemies. I would even be ok with the feature only changable from the main menu and not ingame if that has to be the case to.

How would this be different than the current setup? Are you asking to be able to change it for already generated games or am I missing something?

I think being able to change it in game is being requested - I believe that can be done through the command bar (ctrl + c, I think), btw. Might require the debugtools (since I believe I have those installed), but I am fairly certain I saw such a thing the last time looking through the “help” listing of commands.

(I apologize for all the uncertainty in my post; in the middle of something frustration or I’d check instead of making supposition)

I mean to change difficulty ingame for already created worlds.

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I dont know how I would set difficulty through the console (command bar) but ill look try and look for a way to change difficulty in there. If not, then the point of adding an easy-change difficulty still would seem plausible.

It would be feasible even if it is there, to be more user friendly

Yea “get_game_mode” only displays the kind of game mode activated as far as It would make sense to be. I say that because i get an error when I try to enter something.

Ohhh…my mistake, sorry about that.

Then, yea, I do agree that it would be a neat feature to be able to switch difficulty modes within a game. Would be useful for some of my testing ones, which I start in Peaceful to not have to deal with things attacking and the sort while I test recipes and assemble pictures of new content, then could switch it to Normal or Hard mode once I’m done testing to actually play those towns properly :slight_smile:

Or for people who start in Normal and find they’re not being challenged enough (alternatively those who start in Hard and are getting too overwhelmed)

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Yes! Thats exactly what I mean!

I don’t understand the point of changing the difficulty, It would just make it easier which it isn’t very hard atm.

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Changing the difficulty at any time isnt a requirement that you have to do, but for those who make a peaceful world (such as myself) and then desire to see some action with that same village they created, a difficulty changer ingame in ANY FORM would be a benefit, not a hinderance.

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