God mode difficulty

I was thinking you guys could make a God mode difficulty.Choosing God Mode difficulty could put another option in the pause menu, another box between fight and bulletins, and addition options when clicking on stuff.

I was thinking of it working kinda like

Pause menu options:
-Change monster spawn rate or stop them from spawning
-Change what boost the monsters have
-Change what monsters can spawn
-Have a new hearthlings arrive
-Change the rate of speed for crops
-Change Level up rate
-Change How much they need to eat/sleep or change to not at all
-Activate/deactivate a no resources needed mode

Box options:
-Spawn a monster
-Spawn a object (such as any obtainable object)
-Spawn environment objects (such as trees and dirt/stone)

Click options:
-Insta-finish on buildings
-Insta-finish on mining
-Insta-kill on monsters/hearthlings
-destroy object

It would make it so we could test things very easily or just edit the gameplay to how we want.

Just an idea I want to share and see what others though of it.

In the title menu of the game press options and go to mods tab, turn on debug tools, restart the game, when you are ingame do [control + C] and type in the console: “help” And go nuts

You don’t need to turn on the debug tools to use the console.

The debug adds a few extra commands though.

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