Turn on difficulty

In the settings I think that there should be an option to turn on game difficulty. I started on an peaceful world but then I got an quest by the Capitol where I have to build 3 different fountains. But I can’t do one of them since it requires 2 Goblin Trophies. And I thought that there should be an button to turn difficulty on for those in peaceful, but once you activate it, you can’t turn it off. I thought this would be helpful for those with the same problem.


My bad I meant Goblin Honor Token, not Goblin Trophies

Ah, okay, that is a interesting thought, the campaign sprouts from the kingdom and the region, i suppose the team might be able to have it dormant untill the player wishes to start it, but i’m not a dev, so i could be wrong

Just so you know, you don’t need all Three ti have the quest complete, just place one if them and reach the net-worth goal for that monument and call the herald, it will give you the rewards regardless, of which one you build

The Valor monument wasn’t meant to be a peacfull mode build since you don’t need any military there

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Yeah I understand that, but this is other than the reason of that. It would still be cool to be able to turn this on.

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