Suggestions to make hard mode even harder?

As a person who has already made 3 settlements with 20 plus dwellers on hard mode, I would like to have something more challenging. This could go for all of the other people who are just bored of the game (already) even though this alpha patch was my favorite patch out of all of them! These could be handicaps to make the early game hard, or to make the general monsters like wolves seem like a pack of ogres. Please, comment your suggestions down below and maybe we can all learn something and try out new experiences to make the game we love harder!

I’ll start it off; my challenge that I want to do is make a desert survival on hard mode, but starting by day 3 you must have 50% of your population be completely dedicated to military. This could make the game easy or extremely hard, but with the limited resources on the desert I figure it’ll be extremely hard :slight_smile:

you are a god; hard mode is like, really hard.

to make things MORE difficult however, you could possibly lower the spawn rate of resources, so you’ll get less trees (wood), clay, stone, minerals, etc. Also, no berry bushes spawn.

Also, you could make all your hearthlings like really dumb so it takes them longer to level up; or takes them longer to do their jobs (i.e. the farmer can only handle a fraction of what a normal game farmer could yield).

Also, you can limit or eliminate all together the number of merchants that come to town

May I first ask, with which combinations of biome/people/starting items you played? Did you also manage to do that with Rayya’s Children yet (in the proper desert)? Did you try starting without the trapper’s knife, maybe even without the starting sword (the last especially again with RC)?

Otherwise, have a go at those. :wink:


I actually haven’t beaten the desert on hard mode, I have beaten it on normal mode on previous alpha patches. I will try the RC hard mode in the desert however, that sounds horrible starting out but it does sound incredibly fun. Thanks for the suggestion!

Glad to help! Let me know, how you do, though, and what starting items you chose. I have the feeling, that these also majorly influence the initial difficulty.

Actually couldn’t get to 20 hearthlings :D. I must say that was an incredibly hard challenge. I believe I started with a farmers hoe and a practice sword and a herbalists staff, got attacked in the first few days and from the lack of wood I couldn’t spare the wood to make another footman haha! It was a good challenge though but the goblin army got me when they ransacked my village and literally beat down every door and unfortunately killed all of my hearthlings :(. I might try it again but I’m just gonna chill in a forest on normal mode for now. Thanks again for the suggestion it really did make hard mode VERY hard :slight_smile: