Hard mode survival "guide"

I thought I’d make this for the people who are having a lot of trouble in hard mode. It isn’t any surprise that hard mode really IS hard. I personally don’t find it that hard, and I love that it is hard. It gives the game a real challenge, for some people however, its a sin… :smiley: I’m not gonna tell you how to “win” at hard mode, but I will tell you basic fundamentals to succeed in it…

  1. Have 2-3 Hearthlings at the start of the game have good stats for soldiers.
    a. At the start of the game means when you first make your world and choose the spawning point, roll citizens until you have good stats for at least 2-3 Hearthlings to be decent soldiers. Usually 4-6 body and 4-6 spirit do the trick. It doesn’t hurt to find at least a 5-6 mind as well for your carpenter wink wink :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. When you first spawn into your little world, find a place with bushes nearby
    a. This is kinda obvious, as it is your food supply until your farmers get off their butts and get those farms up and running! It helps you a lot in the early game.
    b. This also takes your mind off of food and it keeps your Hearthlings at peak condition (maybe) for that first invasion.

  3. Prioritize making the carpenter as SOON as you cut down those first few trees.
    a. your carpenter is your lifeline in the early game. Farmer hoe’s which make farmers and Practice Swords which make footman come from this dude. I’m not kidding when I say this guy is your LIFELINE. It’s so important I’ll tell you TWICE! So yeah make this guy, make your 2-3 practice swords (depending on how many good foot-soldier Hearthlings you make,) and get those guys up and running. It also wouldn’t hurt to make 1 farmer with a farmers hoe, to get a small food supply working so you can get your first Hearthling.

  4. As you progress throughout the game, make sure to keep your footman well equipped.
    a. Every few Hearthlings you get in your town, you should always keep expanding your army. This does not mean having 7 footman when you only have 12 Hearthlings, this is not productive. A more realistic number is 4-5 in hard mode, so you can kill the big mad mobs (Golems, giant wolf’s, goblin camps, giant zombies,)
    b. Always keep mining so you can have metal for your blacksmith. Metal + Blacksmith = ingots. Ingots + blacksmith = armor and weapons for your soldiers! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stupidly gotten all of my guys killed because a level 3 footman still had a stone maul fit for an apprentice footman.

This was kinda guide kinda a tutorial on to how to survive on hard mode, the main point is to keep your army well equipped and well leveled. When you get more Hearthlings make the cleric and your knight and once you get them higher level pretty much nothing can kill your Hearthlings, not even the big bad army from that ogre guy. Hope this helped some people in the game, and have fun in StoneHearth!

P.S. if you want to go all Trump style and build a wall that’s okay, but if your footmen aren’t constantly fighting the less dangerous guys in the start, when you expand the big guys will be waiting to kill your entire village, and your footmen won’t be equipped enough or leveled enough to kill them. This is coming from my experience however, so maybe you’ll have a better one than me.

P.P.S. If i missed something please feel free to comment it and i’ll add it in somewhere (with your permission of course :slight_smile: )

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