How to change difficulty in-game?

So I started a game with hard then I realized that it’s really hard but I don’t wanna lose my progression in-game with starting a new game. So any ideas? what to type in the console?

hey there @Peter_Li, welcome to the discourse :smile:

as far as i’m aware there currently isn’t a way to change difficulty while in game :disappointed_relieved:

and i’m not even sure it would be possible to add a console command for that… maybe @yshan would know?

Since there’s no easy way do you want some advice on how to prosper in a hard game? I got some excellent advice here a few weeks ago because I also found hard REALLY hard and I’ve currently got a fine township humming along.


Yes please, as far the easiest way I know to survive hard mode is wall my own “city”.

I saw that I can get what game mode I’m playing on the console, so I thought that there is a way to change it too.

Ok, so the general advice that was given to me was:

  1. Pick the trapper’s knife as the starting item and get a trapper working immediately alongside the carpenter
  2. Pick an area with abundant wild flowers and silkweed (12 to 24 of each)
    2A. Move these closer to your starting area to make harvesting them easier. Also grab every berry bush you can find (I ended up with around 24) for the same reason.
  3. Get a weaver and a herbalist promoted as soon as you can and start working on healing potions. Have the weaver start to work towards making leather armor.
    3A. Sometime in first day or two promote your beefiest hearthling to a Footman
    3B. Also promote a mason early and build the stone hammer
  4. When the Herbalist reaches the right level promote them to a cleric.

Now you have a Footman with some decent armor and an ok weapon with a Cleric to heal them. When attacked hit town defense mode and fall the party so all of your Hearthlings can fight; the Footman will do most of the damage but every little bit will help.

After this initial setup, it’s time to start building up. Between the trapper and the berry bushes you should be able to leave farming aside for now, but you’ll want to start a building to get the town value up. I usually start with the smallest house to get the 8th settler and then build the larger ones as needed. Also start mining and get a blacksmith to start getting metal arms and armor. Keep about 40% of your Hearthlings in the military, promote the first footman to a knight and get an archer as soon as you can. Once you have an A-team for defense and decently equipped things will get easier.


Ohhh, thanks for the tips! That helped me alot mate. I have always fucked up my start and that’s why I can’t play hard :confused:

You are welcome, as mentioned, this advice originated with someone else, I plan to expand the strategy guide as I get a few more towns under my belt. The trickiest part of it is that this is an assigned-job intense strategy, so you’ll often only have 1-3 normal workers at a time, which makes some activities very slow. Make sure to build those speed-increasing worker outfits when you have some spare resources!