Very hard Ogre invations (Hard mode)

This is on hard mode, but I think that I get invaded too much by a lot of Ogres. I have placed the 3rd gong and I have to destroy the camp the ogres have, but when I try, I get invaded and all my troops lose a lot of health, so they go to rest in a bed, eat and sleep. By the time they’ve done that, another group of invaders attack, sometimes two invaders attack.

welcome to hard mode =)

yeah, don’t start the gong events if you aren’t prepared for it. At the moment there is now way to reduce the difficulty after placing a gong.

I am prepared. I’ve got 11 soldiers (3 clerics, 3 knights, 4 archers and 1 footman all level 6) and they keep dying from the constant invations :cry:

Maybe if you demote 2 of your knights to footmen and promote one of them as an archer and change at least one of your clerics into a footman then maybe with your increased dps you will be able to destroy their camp.

I might be wrong, but I`m playing on hard mode too with a party composition of 2 clerics, 1 knight, 5 archers and 3 footmen and the footmen and archers dps plus fire and slow quivers helps a lot by killing enemies fast.

Sounds good. Might try. :grin: