What should I expect from Generals Gong

Im playing hard mode and have 908 military strength if that has to do anything with the difficulty, masters Gong looked pretty intimidating but I just charged right at the camp and was able to take it out pretty easily with my tanks and my many archers, I’m wondering how much harder Generals Gong is going to be compared to masters, would appreciate if someone would let me know or send a warning lol.

It’s certainly harder, but the camps’ difficulty doesn’t change based on your military score… the general’s gong camp does have a large number of enemies and multiple Ogres and Orc knights, so it’s definitely a good idea going in with a plan to split up your targets and focus fire on priority ones. I reckon archers are the way to go – have them focus on any clerics, and then start chipping away at the more powerful kobold archers, while your own knights keep the bulk of enemy forces distracted. The Ogres may seem like priority targets but really they’re not; they take too long to bring down and they don’t deal as much damage as, say, the archers… so IMO the best strategy is to try and remove the enemies’ damage potential by destroying the weaker units first rather than trying to focus fire the tough targets while everything else wails on you with impunity.

If you’re using footmen, I’d reccomend you don’t send them in until after your knights have engaged and taunted the enemies – footmen running ahead is the thing most likely to disrupt your battle plans.

Definitely get some potions ready (ideally one of each), but don’t hit them until the fight has begun – Courage will hold out for at least a minute anyway unless you’ve messed up your charge and got some particular hearthling/s isolated, Stamina will raise everyone’s max HP so they’ll look damaged but the first AoE heal from the Cleric will top that off anyway (which is actually better in the long run than triggering the potion before the fight starts, since it means the cleric isn’t on cooldown for their big AoE heal spells and thus the hearthlings can take advantage of those spells more times while they have the higher HP pool to fill), for the Strength potion likewise it’s better to have that kick in during the fight than to waste part of it before the fight has begun, and for the Energy buff really that only comes into play if the fight goes on a really long time… but having it activated later means that if you’re looting anything immediately, the civilians will have it applied to help them get out to the battle site faster and be less likely to be stuck with a long hauling job when they want to be sleeping/eating.