Ogo Skullbonker difficulty? did i mess up?

So its day 27 for me and i got 19 hearthlings (one archer, one knight, one cleric, two footmen). I have the game on normal mode and i get around to the Ogo Skullbonker event. This event seems way too difficult. However, I dont want to blame the game until i make sure i did not just mess up somewhere. I remember skipping some dialogue boxes so i figured i maybe responded wrong or did not do something (I did make the chimes) or maybe i just did not prioritize combatants well enough? Any suggestions would be useful and ill try to reply to any questions.
Heres what spawns.
P.S this is my first time playing in a month and my first time getting to Ogo. if i missed something that everyone else already knows please let me know. THANKS

You get a recipe for a windchime for your carpenter, place it and you should be good.

One of the dialogue boxes you may have missed was the opportunity to make peace with Mountain and Ogo once Mountain hears the chimes.

I got that dialogue earlier. I place 4 chimes around my settlement.

lol I sold all my wind chimes before I knew what to do with them.

yeah, if you have a windchime, you get a peaceful option. DON’T SKIP DIALOGUE, you lazy :smiley:


You should have gotten the peaceful option by placing the windchimes, also your army sucks, 1 knight and only 3 damage dealers? Thats not good enough to defend you from much at all late game. Especially since 1 is an archer and not a footman. AT this point for me I have 4 high level footmen 1 knight a cleric and 1 to 2 archers ANd looking at those screenshots your soldiers don’t even have upgraded weapons and armor. Do you really expect to survive with footmen that have no good weapons or armor?

Your army is very ill equipped and small, they don’t even have armor. Footmen are glass cannons so armor is very important. I cant see if your other classes are equipped though but since your footmen arent I will assume they arent aswell.

Hey buddy whats up, Im playing hard difficulty and having a blast gonna save you the bore of my settlement, but; I have a free standing wall all around my base ensuring my villagers are safe while I go do my business elsewhere, keep in mind I havent played hearthstone since the first alphas. I read the tutorial and said whatever Ill give it a try. But thats what I did, coupled with 3 knights an archer 2 clerics and a Lvl 6 footman to chase around archers into my knights. I had 17 villagers at that point and I also had 4 Traps and 2 turrets from the engineer positioned outside my city gate. The turnip turrets were essential as they do aoe, and They were keeping the mobs at bay and doing enormous damage. I never even chose the peace option, I knew that the alternative was probably possible. So now Im 26 settlers in, havent lost one yet and I havent played since early alpha, Id say a good tip for you would be to access each situation carefully, create chokepoints and micromanage your units in battle. Much Love

I tend to do a 2/2/2/2 set up

Archers are extremely good at dealing with Ogo’s army killing each goblin one by one very quickly, as well as high leveled knights as they can scare the goblins every once in a while.

or have a knight front and get surrounded by the army, then get one lvl 5 footman and bang all the goblins die in 2 seconds :smiley: