Ogres Slaughtered Everything

When I seen that ogres were coming I quickly took action and tried to face them but they killed every single hearthling and broke down every door/gate, but the funny thing is that they won’t leave so I can’t do anything. Do I just start up a new kingdom?

Hey there @ZombieSoldier22, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

Was this Ogo Skullbunker? If so, then, unfortunately, yes, you’ll likely need to start a new game. If just normal ogres/archers, they should disappear after awhile.

Ok thank you :confused: first time playing anyway, now I know what to do! :smiley:

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Don’t worry dear mate, i experience the same first time i saw Ogo coming.

Lost my fighter in no time, then he break the door and goes rampage in my village.

Only way I’ve ever managed to beat that encounter with minimal fatalities is to promote all footmen to archers and use 2-3 knights to kite the ogres around while the archers slowly ground them down. Basically, get your knights close enough to get their attention and then use them to strategically run away for short distances. You keep them moving at fast enough a pace that they take minimal damage, but slow enough that the enemies keep their agro on them. The entire time, your archers should be picking off and killing the ogres. Having 2-3 clerics on hand is also a must. Any other method allows the ogres to do far too much damage and all your melee unites quickly get killed.

Just for clearance, Ogo and his warband are all Goblins except for his “pet” Ogre, The Mountain.

But on point, if you focus on getting the windchime build and make sure the army goes by it you can turn the battle on your favor greatly

you can do
1-click on the creature you want to remove
2-press ctrl c
3-type destroy
4- now he is gone :slight_smile:
i dont know if this effects the storyline

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Yeah, I was doing some testing, had my volume low so I couldn’t hear the Ogre spawn and COMPLETELY WRECK MY VILLAGE OF 46 VILLAGERS, 13 WERE KNIGHTS and a few Clerics… I feel like a small, maybe major tweak should be in order. Where after you die, you can choose a new spawn in the world and just restart there. Instead of creating saves. Saves a bit of needed time.

One thing I keep noticing is when folks get slaughtered, they talk about how many knights they have. I think you should have one cleric per knight so they can dedicated heal. All the rest should be DPS. I’ve never had a problem with Ogres, even with kobold archers raining down. It’s kinda like doing a raid. Tank, Off tank, buncha DPS and enough healz to go around.

Edit: As I commonly play a healer. It is definitely easier to be watching out for a single tank than have to worry about everyone. @sdee knows what I’m talking about. :wink:

I’d also like to suggest that you start your games with the idea of defense in mind. Just a tiny little ditch, one or two squares wide, around your town will prevent the bad guys from coming at you from directions you don’t want. Make it cover a wide area, and throw down some stockpiles or farmland all over the place, and you can even keep your major farming and mining areas protected as well. Have a bridge/pathway of some sort, so the enemy always has to come at you from one place, and then lay down turrets and traps.

Even large armies founder and die if they have to pass through a heavily trapped/turretted area and then walk right into your waiting armies. If you design a careful maze, then you can get literally minutes of shots from your archers onto the approaching army as they try - and fail - to get to you.