War is coming,pls help me

when i play my game a wierd orc king name Ogo want invande my town and stole everything,normally i ll pass it and keep playing,but when my footman go scout,he found a very large orc group with 8 to 12 orc footman,1 knight and ton of wolf,i dont think i cant win them with 6 manso pls help me,how do i defend my town?(sorry,bad english :P)

You should have gotten a hint from a mysterious stranger telling you how to avoid this large invasion (if this is the group I am thinking about) I dont want to give away any spoilers. but there is a way around it through the storyline.

First off, a hint on how to avoid the fight altogether: you should have fought some Goblins already who were kidnapping wolves to train into attack wolves, when you defeated those guys you would have got a special item from them. The mysterious stranger will tell you how to use those items. If you skipped through that dialogue, then check your Carpenter to see if they have a new recipe which uses the items from the Goblin Wolf Tamers.

If you don’t have that option… well, you’re going to need some defences. Since the enemies are already on your screen it’s probably too late to prepare, so get everyone into the biggest building you have and put your soldiers at the door. If you have an Herbalist, try to get them up to a Cleric as soon as possible; and try to not use Town Defence Mode if you can avoid it – when that’s active all other work stops, and the fight with Ogo’s horde will take a long time so you don’t want to risk running out of food.

If all else fails… reload an older save so that you’ve got more time to prepare :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally always go for the peaceful solution, since the rewards from that are pretty useful; and besides that the item involved looks nice for decoration anyway.

The item we’re talking about here are the wind chimes – when Mountain hears their song he decides he doesn’t want to attack you anymore, and you get an option to make friends with him instead. If you have windchimes, or can get them really quickly, you can still avoid fighting the army. It doesn’t matter if your soldiers have already engaged them, the dialogue makes all the enemies disappear; so don’t hesitate to use your soldiers to slow Ogo’s forces down if you need to while your Carpenter makes the windchimes.

iirc i just stomped them with 2 knights, 2 clerics, 1 archer and 3 footman on normal. the smaller ones are just cannon fodder. Even with just 1 cleric you can win without much problem. On hard should be a little more difficult but still doable.

thx,i already have a wind chime,but how many i need to defend againt them? ( also now i have to fight againt 3 enemy in same time:The Kobold,The Orc and The Dead too,also i just finish a graveyard near my house,it have alot of good loot but Kobolds near it too and they kill everyone try to loot that graveyard :frowning: ,so pls help me)

You only need one wind chime, but it has to be placed in your world somewhere (not just in storage as an item). Mountain will hear it when he gets close, so a good idea would be to rally your hearthlings a good distance behind it so that Mountain has to come near it quickly.

As for dealing with the kobolds around the graveyard, my advice would be to bring a Cleric and a couple of Archers. The Cleric keeps everyone healed while the Archers will chase the Kobolds off, so that the Kobolds can’t gang up on a single target.

However, in your first post you talk about having “six man”, does that mean you have 6 footmen or only 6 hearthlings in total? If it’s the second one, you really need to increase your population if you want to tangle with the high-level monsters.

Remember that you don’t have to loot everything right now, so maybe leave that graveyard loot for later when you have a stronger military presence to defend your looters. By a strong military I don’t just mean having lots of soldiers; once they get some upgrades and level-ups they become much more powerful. A level 1 archer will lose in a fight against a Kobold Archer, but a level 3 archer with a spiky quiver will win against the same Kobold much more easily. If you can get a Knight to draw enemy attacks, and a Cleric to heal your soldiers, then you’ll have a really strong force that can take on most enemies.

it mean i have 1 footman with bone mace and full iron suit,2 knight with steel long sword,1 lvl 6 cleric,2 lvl 6 archer with spiky arrow.P.s:thx for your support hope when multiplayer been added to this game i ll have a change to meet you :smiley:

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seen this one being asked a LOT…So maybe its about time to change something here…

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I’ve done it with one knight, two footman, one cleric and an archer easily. The most important thing is the knight.

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