Huge Goblin Army waiting outside

**Between the time you reach 20-25 Citizens, there always spawns a huge army of Goblins I can´t defeat. **
3x Wolves
15 x Goblins
3 x heavily armed Goblins
1 x heavy Orc

It always happens about you reach above 20 Citizens. They destroyed 3 Savegames, by killing everyone so i couldn´t revive them again. And I´m playing on Normal Mode.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods. Version 0.20

I suspect that this is the goblin army Ogo (the chieftain) brings with him , after you refused his demands. It is part of the Goblin story arc. In this arc, there should also be some advice on how to better defend yourself against them. Don’t want to spoil anything here.

yeah this is suppose to happen, you only need like 4 or 5 combat hearthlings to beat them :smiley:

Indeed, the game is designed to increase in difficulty over time and as your town grows, so investing in defense is necessary, not just in terms of military.

Consider also the defensibility of your town’s location (proximity to terrain features etc). Strategic use of walls and fences also helps.

I got wiped out by this army as well. My 4 footmen and 2 archers got obliterated. Granted I was running a little behind in my armor.

My Units have always atleast 10 People. 5 Footmen, 3 Archers, 2 Priests.

They simply can´t take em. No matter how I try.

Well, now i defeated them finally by grabbing holes around my town so they couldn´t reach me.
Used the time to invest in armor.

But It wasn´t always like that. I never expected such a large army in the first savegames. I couln´t save them anymore, because they were saved to late.
I think thats kinda unfair that you just get small attacks, maximum 3 guys, and then all of a sudden a large army appears. All your effort in a Town is lost. Well, atleast don´t put that on Normal mode.

Let the enemys get stronger wave by wave, which sounds for me more logical.

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If you play with RC, you have additional disadvantages due to the carpenter beeing a late game crafter for them.
I hate Ogo’s Army :rage:
The only vialble strategy at the moment is, as you already mentioned, turtle in and upgrade your own soldiers. I hope that they will give us further tools for the future ore balance the enemies accordingly.

I’m actually kind of surprised to hear that this is a challenge, but I think the difference is how important the different unit classes are now. I don’t mean to read as smug - I just haven’t played in quite a few months, and finally jumped back in over the past couple days to try Alpha 20. I decided, for the hell of it, to play RC in the forest.

When I saw this army, I too thought it was the end for me. I only had 6 in my militia. One Knight (Full Plate, Long Sword, Silver Shield), 2 Footmen (Iron Mail/Helmet and Pikes), 2 Archers, and one Cleric. Looking at the swarm of goblins and ogres, I thought there was no way I was going to hold them off.

I was so very wrong. The knight attracted the brunt of the attention, and barely went below full health with the help of the cleric. He damaged EVERYTHING around him at once, which made very short work of the horde of small goblins. They were all dead in moments (after running away from the fight terrified a few times), leaving the Ogres and some armored goblins. They just took time to beat down, but my small militia did not find any challenge at all.

So, that said, it sounds like making sure you have the full range of classes available is very important. Also, don’t underestimate the Knight and Cleric. They are very powerful units. I was actually lucky, and I was able to buy a Cleric’s book from a trader early on (the herbalist I find to be very hard to level up). This made every previous encounter nearly impossible to lose, as my footmen would never go below a full heart of HP. The addition of the archers was icing on the cake, increasing the damage output of the group significantly.

This doesn’t sound like “early game” military to me. Silver Shield, Full Plate, etc. But Ogo’s army can show up quite early in the game. The Goblin campaign is the first one after all (besides the quest for township). When I encounter them in my games, I have no such high level equippment available yet. There is a way to reduce the enemy strength, however (don’t want to spoil anymore). Did you use this, @Redenbacher09 ?

Currently, the Goblin army is a real threat and forces the player to rush through the classes to get the best equippment available asap. And this often comes too early in the game, IMHO. Why do I have to unlock all the best equippment in the game for the first of several story campaigns? But we are still in alpha, so I guess there will be more balancing done down the road.

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All I did was fire up the game and start playing. No mods or settings adjustments, it was about as vanilla as you can get.


I built a trench around the entire settlement to control where the enemies enter from, but a pretty wide/open bridge across. No walls or doors to keep them out until I was strong enough

I couldn’t really tell you what I was doing that set me up for the fight. I rushed a blacksmith as fast as I could (by keeping a constant stockpile of stone benches and lamps to sell) and immediately got to smelting bars (not my idea either, it was a suggestion from someone who was watching my stream at the time). Mining was extensive in this playthrough because I needed so much clay as RC (if you don’t build all custom buildings from wood/stone). I made a Knight as soon as the blacksmith could make the shield, as with the Carpenter’s Saw. Carpenter was set to making beds ASAP with two bows queued up. Shortly after I was able to create two archers was about when Ogo hit, but by then my Blacksmith was level 6 and I had already queued up the shield in preparation.

Hell, mostly I just wanted to see the Knights and Archers in action. I haven’t played this since before those were available!

I’m not disagreeing with the challenge - I may have just been lucky. I’m also conditioned from Gnomoria to focus heavily on military strength or get wasted. Though to your point, I suspect this is just the ‘Tier 1’ level of equipment? If that’s the case, it would make sense that the best of Tier 1 would be required to beat the first questline, I suppose. Maybe other Tiers, similar to buildings, are in the pipeline?