Ogo and his army

Ogo has wiped me out. Does his army despawn after a while, or is my game done? I have enough food and such to attract more Hearthlings, but Ogo and his army are just hanging out in my town.


I don’t know if there’s a despawn. The first time I encountered his army, they wiped me out and I just started a new game. The second time, I had 6 footmen + 2 clerics, and used a wall with a gatehouse (1st floor armory, w/ pots for weapons & armor, 2nd floor beds assigned to the guards) to separate his wolves from his army and kill them in waves. It was still a close thing, but I can’t stress enough how much having two clerics saved the day.

ya kind of just have to restart the game and learn from your mistakes to further your knowledge, ya know?

This game is all about planning ahead, it’s worth starting again and planning on a space where he cant wipe you out entirely.

I was blindsided and destroyed by that attack the first time it happened, too. Four footmen and a cleric simply got run over. It just seems to be such a huge jump in difficulty. And I couldn’t do the windchime thing because when playing Rayya’s Children in the desert, having the required level 5 carpenter is an endgame achievement rather than something that naturally happens over the first two hours of gameplay like with The Ascendancy.

The next time round, I was better prepared. A knight, a cleric, four archers. Let me tell you something: archers are grossly OP. All you need is one tank, one healer, and then nothing but archers. Ogo got absolutely annihilated (and the archers were low level with basic bows and no quivers at the time). Put tank + healer in group 1 and just send them into the middle of things. Put the archers in group 2, and start manually targeting enemies for efficient focus fire. Kill the wolves first, then the small-fry goblins; your aim should always be to reduce the enemy numbers as quickly as possible. Ogres and Ogo himself should die last, because they have so much armor and HP.

Try this in hard mode and tell me if you survive more than 5 minutes.

My recommendation in hard mode is to have as much clerics and knights as possible. Maybe an archer here and there, But if you aren’t tanky enough you’ll get destroyed in no time by the zerg.


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The problem with knights is that they do no damage worth mentioning. Like, by the endgame of my normal mode playthrough, the time it took two knights to put a single enemy to 50% hp was the time it took my four archers to kill the rest of the 10-enemy raid group on their own. Everyone had their best gear, including the knights. The difference is just that drastic.

If you’re getting zerged, then you need one of two things: a.) enough healing to soak the damage indefinitely, or b.) enough damage to kill enough enemies for you to stabilize before the tank dies. This is pretty much universal for any game that relies on the tank-healer-damage “holy trinity” of classes, including Stonehearth.

Now, I don’t know if enemies on hard mode drop aggro (I have never played it), but if they don’t, then one knight will be able to hold all of the enemy attention just the same as in normal mode. The rest of your military hearthlings can then be split between enough clerics to keep the tank alive, and archers focus-firing low HP enemies. There is a potential benefit to having multiple tanks sharing the damage, in that clerics can AoE-heal at short range, but I found it an unreliable skill. My knights keep causing the enemy to flee with their warcry, then run after the fleeing enemies, leaving the cleric(s) behind in a hurry. If your strategy relies on AoE heals to survive, you better keep extremely tight control over your melee units.

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The thing is that in hard mode every single enemy hits like a truck and takes hits like a masochist. You can go for a more damage oriented comp but if you run short you are 100% dead. Going full turtle is like the safe way. Yes it is slow, but you are almost assured to always win.

Unfortunately, I was still recovering from all my Hearthlings being wiped out by a Varanus or whatever the heck those things are called. Anyway, after it had destroyed all my peeps and doors, it shortly after despawned. So, I started rebuilding and got back to 9 or so Hearthlings when Ogo and his Mountain crashed my gates and wiped me out again. I was just kind of hoping he’d despawn like the other mobs do. Oh well, a new game it is. I guess that’s why it’s called, Hard Mode. lol

I actually seem to have managed to break the game regarding this. I got the notice from Ogo that he had arrived to destroy my town, but as the notice came, I was just finishing a 4x4 moat around my town… I held off accepting with “OK” until the moat was completely done (maybe 3 minutes irl time?) and then I accepted, but nothing happened. He never showed up. I’ve been too afraid to take down any section of the moat in case he does eventually show up.

It’s also pushed all random encounters to this one specified corner where I haven’t build anything, and all goblin/kobold activity has ceased - although earlier today when I built a quick ladder out to collect a tree, a small thief camp spawned immediately.

Meanwhile, building a small army just in case. But if you’re concerned you aren’t ready for him, a moat is the way to go. Just a 4x4 trench will do also; there’s a good section where water couldn’t reach but it still works as long as nothing can just hop down it and climb up.

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Here’s a photo of the moat. As you can see it doesn’t even quite go all the way around, just to where it meets the hills and mountains that can’t be walked up. The only place enemies even spawn now is just past where my defense is.

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actually any barrier will block him from being able to do much of anything really. i usually build on hills for this reason and i can usually withstand any storm that’d come my way.


AND having the good advice of a friendly orc, of course

Am I the only idiot who doesnt build walls or defenses? :joy:
All I do is making a big panic room surrounded by walls and towers so archers and automatic sentinels can shoot down the enemies that come break the three doors, but other than that, i never build fortifications around my town

I tried building on the open areas of the map a few times and every time i get slaughtered quickly.

That is the good thing of living on the foothills: there is a higher chance that the army spawns somewher higher or lower than you, which makes you buy some time (like two days or so) until they hjave positioned a ladder in working order. Also, yeah, MAKE A PANIC ROOM, wise desition to not to have your non combat hearthlings get hurt (at the cost of letting the enemy access the stockpiles, but the important thing is keeping everyone alive, right?)

It’d be nice if they could do that (build ladders i mean) but thats not yet implemented that i know of…

It is real, I have seen it with my own eyes. Goblins built it and destroyed it so everyone could fight but not retreat.
I was like "haha, dumbasses, they cant get through, NER NER NER NER"
They build a ladder and Mountain charges and knocks out my shepherd