Ogo's Army Appeared

I’m playing as the Northern Alliance and wasn’t able to get my Carpenter to level 5 before his army invaded. Not only that, but my army of 5 is off killing another threat. I have 20 citizens, 1 max level Knight, 1 max level footman, 1 level 5 cleric, and 2 max level archers. Am I totally screwed, or can I still win the battle?

complicated but not impossible i think
try to focus in dealing with the lowest hp first
that will lower the damage you recive faster
save first in case this doesn’t work xD

I’ve won with nothing but 1 footman, 1 knight and 1 cleric before.

The trick is to have good defensive gear on the knight and have him tank for days with cleric, and use footman’s AoE attack to mop up the large amount of orcs.