Ogo's army menacing? Not really

Ok so I recently got to the part of the game when Ogo’s Army shows up and I’m playing on hard mod so it’s quiet frightening, but the thing is I killed the signal giant orc that they sent to break down my gate.

I killed the orc before it could break the gate and then the army was helpless and I found it quiet strange that this army of 20 goblins couldn’t break down a simple wooden fence gate.

Eventually I let them in so I could get some action but I just think its a bit lame that only large creatures can break down any form of entrance and I think (especially in hard mode) that other creatures should be able to break down gates and doors as well, but perhaps a bit slower.

Thank you


Personally, I kind of like the idea of a curb stomp battle if you manage to isolate the weakness of the army on your own. And besides, Ogo’s quest in itself isn’t meant to be very threatening in practice anyway (correct me if I’m wrong on this). In my experience, it’s a very easy primer for what’s about to come in hard mode.

Source: Month 3 day 29. Had maxed hearthlings for at least a month, maxed equipment, 10 warriors in total with 2 very efficient clerics, the works. They just started dying en masse to really buff kobold archers. Those guys kite like Terran Vultures in the hands of a practiced Korean. In retrospect, I should’ve set two of my archers to fire slow arrows, and the other to continue using flaming arrows.


It is good to be able to cripple your enemy’s in a game such as Stonehearth but I don’t think a wooden fence gate is a realistic way of doing so that’s all.