Skipped Ogo and went straight to high tier orcs and kobold attacks

So i played a normal game as i have done many times before. This time i wanted to try out the engineer class, so kind of rushed it. It all seemed normal up until i eratecated the first wolf in the woods camp. The next encounter i got was a small army of Orcs and kobolds. I tried to reload a save a couple of times and the variations of the attacking force was either 2 orc healers with tanks and melee warriors that seemed to wield bone axes, and then supported by an purple kobold archer. The other setup was two ogres with bonemaces and about 5 or so kobold archers of all colours.

At this point in the game i had no chance against these guys even with two healers and two tanks and the dps, since my gear was to low lvl to take the hits.

My thought is that it could be the engineer and placement of turnipshooters that triggered this? I never even got to meet Ogo :frowning:

Well better start a new game…

Nope, this could be, more or less, a bug.
I had this too in my current game but I did not give it a thought.

Use the console and destroy’em. The next waves should be normal enemies and Ogo will come later.

This army comes too soon.

Wow, I’m glad you guys posted this. It happened to me, too. :glum: I gave up and started a new game.

This is a game ending bug, though, if you don’t use the console. There’s no way to survive that group.

Is there any particular staff that should be notified about this bug? I’d guess that it is new.

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Just call our likeable @moderators :wink: they will relay it to the devs.
You could poke a Radiant member directly but that would increase their stress Level if everybody would do this :smiley:

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Ah, i go pretty sturdy on military, so for me thees weren’t a problem, the thing is that your net-worth was so high that more end-game raids were spawning, i had a couple of kobolt elite raids even before ogo since my military was so strong and net worth was sky-rocketing, i do think this should be fixed though, ambient raids pribably should scale depending on military strength

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AFAIK, the escalation of raid strength being based on net worth is meant to … ahem …nudge… players into prioritizing town defense as their towns become more attractive to pillage.

It IS based on military score, not on networth. The problem that I see is that there is not much space between different levels.

The hardest raid possible only requires 450 military strength to have a chance to spawn, while in my town with 8 military units (2 of each class, maxed level with maxed equips) I have already more than 3000 military score (can’t remember now the exact value, but I know it was above 3000)

Everything with attack (or defense) points counts into that score. Even the pickaxes and hammer tools from workers, that’s why we start any game with already 28~ military strength, those tools have 3 or 4 attack.

Items in your stockpile probably counts too (I will have to check, not sure on this one), that’s where people think it is based on networth, Just sell every weapon or armor that is not going to be used.

You see, a simple bone weapon have almost 30(?) attack, that bumps the score a lot, consider that you probably have a few items with attack or defense points, it is easy to reach those 400 points for the stronger raids.


I’d say that can be a problem if you get a traveling trader who wants 7 swords. I think that’s what I got just before that raid spawned. I only had 5 fighters, one archer, one knight, one cleric and 2 footmen. There is no way that I could do anything against the group that spawned. I definitely didn’t have excess hearthlings either.

When you trade those swords, does the military score go back down?

Yes, you can check you military score pressing the town button.
7 wooden swords are not much, but all those fighters are sure scoring a lot of points.

I have now tried to destroy that wave with the concole and all is safe… or so i thought… they are back again :jubilant:

I have (after reading the responses) alot of weapons in storage, and among them some boneaxes and maces.

This just seems like a bad way to measure if a player is ready for such raids?

I actually thought it was scripted to come in a progressionline with stronger and stronger opponents? But i guess these random attacks dont work like that…

Here are some screenshots of my inventory:

Aha, thank you for this! That explains why when I was going to trade a bunch of weapon-ish items it got a bit crazy.

I’m curious why you say that 5 fighters is alot?

Not the amount of fighters, but the amount of points they get.
Although just 1 of each class would be enough to get you up to tier 2 of kobold campaign. Only after that mission I started getting more soldiers, because I almost lost the fight, having now 2 of each class.

I haven’t seen non-equipped weapons and armor being counted towards military score on r701. :confused:

The goblin campaign is being tuned at the moment, to avoid these high tier raids when you can’t really confront them (they spawn separately from the ones that you get with the gongs).

In the future, the goblin campaign arcs will trigger when you start to receive raids of a similar difficulty, having military score into account more than simply net worth, and balancing the encounters better.


I can confirm that I have had high tier orcs/kobolds pre-Ogo and non-equipped weapons/armor were not being counted towards military score on r701. This has happened in 100% of my games. I can upload an example save if you want. Hilariously enough, it is the loot from the previous raids that spikes my net worth. This happens because of the loot itself, plus increased combat troop levels has them equip higher tier weapons, which get produced. As soon as the first goblin attacks, I have a runaway combat feedback loop until I don’t have the hearthling influx to compensate.

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Quick follow up. From pre-Ogo to 2nd tier kobold gong going up, I never saw another wave as difficult (wrt enemy composition) despite vastly increasing my military strength, net worth, etc. Maybe the difficultly calculation gets bugged?

A balancing side note, some kobolds are nearly invincible against some troops due to kiting. A single archer with a spiky arrows shifts a fight completely one-sided in the kobolds favor to completely one-sided in the hearthlings favor. I would expect a group 4+ of footmen to be able to always kill a single kobold. Can hurt/demoralized enemies be slowed too? Or footmen/knights have some mitigation option against kiting?

Something similar happened to me; I met Ogo, but too darn soon. Imagine half the town burning to the ground and then that orc A-hole shows up like "sup dude, I know that your people are getting slaughtered, here, take this"
Mountain`s wind chime recipe unlocked
It all happened too fast, and three hours of game went to the trash :glum:

Yeah, everytime I play at least a quarter or more of my population are soldiers!