This game won't have my support until they update the Ogo issue

Basically, if Ogo’s crew wipes you out, the goblins stick around, preventing you from getting new hearthlings because the goblins wipe them out as you spawn them. One per day. So continuing after all hearthlings are dead is pointless. I want Stonehearth to update and change this so that after they kill all hearthlings, they leave, allowing you to rebuild your people. Until then, I really don’t feel like playing this crap anymore. That is the only issue that completely changed my tune on this game. FIX IT

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Maybe that’s the point? Once you die, you can restart. Plus you can always revert to past saves. I believe that part of the game is pretty simple, just build the thing and boom they won’t come. I think it’s more of a player problem than a dev problem. I don’t see the issue here, this is a great game.


My goodness it’s almost if you bought an Early Access game or something! How shocking!


lol ogo is the easiest quest i’ve done. (bugged out so i cannot run away from the war) but i still completely annihilate them all with 3 footman (2 level 6) and a cleric lol.


Oh i remember my first defeat by Ogo… i was pretty emotionel aswell! Then i took my mistakes and learned from them and have never lost a battle to Ogo since…

save you game as soon as the goblins announces that Ogo will come soon.
If you dont have the military to take on the fight at that point, skip everything you are doing and focus on getting the windchime build and placed, so you can use that to save the town.
Again… save your game often!
When Ogo comes, focus on mannually picking out the weakest goblins first one by one, then the wolves and then the marauders. At that point you should be able to take out the chieftan and ogo by them selves.
Build turrets to take the aggro, you can even set them up behind 2 block high walls, so Ogo cant get to them.
Make sure that you have buff potions ready on stock and use them!
Again if everything else fails… load and try again.

I hope it helps and that you will take ogos challenge again, so you can keep building up your town!

The last option is to play the game on peacefull?

Keep fighting and the wind will favour you!

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Just for the record, I’d like to mention that crafting Mountain’s Windchime (carpenter), and then placing it somewhere in your town will stop the charge of Ogo’s army, and you will get the option to have them leave you alone without fight.

Edit: oh, it’s been mentioned already. Never mind then. :slight_smile:

Either way…

If we are talking about normal difficulty, a team of a knight, a cleric, and some footmen, should be able to wipe out the whole army without any issue. Just let your knight ahead to gather the attention of the enemies.


Instead of jumping on someone who has a legitimate gripe (even if I would have worded it differently) some of you could show a little compassion instead of blind loyalty. Just sayin’.

I haven’t had this issue yet, I usually either have the windchimes made or I have enough of an army to fight with no issues. HOWEVER, if it’s a case of being unable to continue if you lose, I think it’s rather silly myself. That shouldn’t be a game over scenario, in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s intended, though. Is it? If so, maybe it could be changed so that on normal it’s not and on the hardcore mode, it is or something.

I built the chimes, but I clicked too fast and had my men attack on accident. Plus autosave isn’t enabled by default which is a major flaw. What kind of goblins don’t loot or destroy a town after they slaughter everyone? They just run back and forth like idiots

That’s weird, autosave has been auto enabled for me. And the Goblins as of right now are codes to only attack your people, not buildings. I believe they’re working on building destruction right now and it’ll ship after the building systems. Again, it seems to be a live and learn situation. You can’t be too harsh on the game, just keep playing it considering it has a lot replayability.

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I mean, I guess you said it yourself. It’s a game over scenario, which usually means that the game is over and you should start over and try for a better town to deal with the situation


You can also build in such a way where he can’t get to your village and you can hold off enemies indefinitely it’s not a problem with ogo it’s a matter of strategy. Sorry but if you didn’t take the steps to prepare for the fights and built openly then you likely should restart. I know it sucks to restart but sometimes it’s better to learn and try again a different way knowing what’s coming

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here’s a tip. always save data before village assestment in the morning to pick up new hearthlings. you can re-load the game until you find a hearthling with good stats and traits.

most importantly always prepare for war before prepare for anything else. the game gives you a very diverse hearthling at the start where you can tweak to the ones you need:

me personally with 7 hearthlings i always go with:

  • 2 soldiers (preferably with 6 in the heart and around 4^ in the belief)
  • 1 carpenter
  • 1 stone mason
  • 2 farmer or 1 farmer and 1 hunter
  • 1 herbalist
    choose the bountiful food at the start so food won’t be a problem.
    next, choose the lowest area where there are a lot of stones, flowers, and berries.

so for starter, as usual get some woods and a bit of stone. (in between, already make 1 into a farmer is enough and level them up to get the flowers)

build your building and level up the carpenter and as soon as you can get swords and shield, do so and change the 2 hearthlings into footman and later the herbalist (level them up and if you’re lucky and a caravan arrive with leather, buy it and use it to make the clerics book).

next would be using your stone mason to make stone maul.

by then you’d have stand a good ground against the goblin, but don’t charge them yet.

wait until all your footman are at level 6 and at least you have another footman at some low level. your cleric may also be at a mid level range and can immortalize your troops.

then you can charge the goblin king to their death and proceed against ogo without any trouble.

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All I’m saying is that instead of taunting players with goblins running back and forth across a slaughtered town, they should either do game over, or make the goblins retreat so you can repopulate and try again


My game must have updated. It recently started autosaving by default now

It is doable with two reasonably geared footman and a cleric. Also, it’s kind of cheese but if you don’t respond to the dialogue of the goblin war horns the attack won’t happen. So, you can just prepare a little more before you do.

Edit: Just wanted to add: in a pinch you can activate town alert mode and have your soldiers move to the town flag. The rest of the Hearthlings can help out in the fight. This can make a big difference.

Just an FYI, you can also quicksave your game with the F6 key. If you eat it, just hit F7 to reload from that quicksave. This is also useful to kind of cheese your daily report before you accept your new hearthling in case that hearthling isn’t up to snuff.

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All this cheese is making me want some wine…:rofl:

Ah, a quicksave/load advocate. Hello. :slight_smile:

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