Help! I don't know how to save my town!

Ugh. I’m so devastated…
I was going reallly well on my town until Ogo Soothslayer happened to come about on HARD MODE and then everyone of my 8 or so people died. (Two knights, three healers, 1 foot man, and 2 archers.) and I can’t go back a save as when it “auto saved” I was already losing this fight which I should have known I was going to lose. XD

Am I able to go back a save or is my town I worked so hard on gone forever!? Because errrrrrrrrroneeee dead!


So guys,
the daylight came out and my crafters fought off all of the badies.
My people are currently healing and no one died.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

If you don’t have a older save, my condolences for your hearthlings :sob:

But(I guess) you can cheat your way back to your normal situation using the debug tools and some codes.

yeah I get caught quite a lot not paying attention to a fight and then I win the fight, it saves and then a day later I found out, oops! someone died because you didn’t rescue them behind this tree here. they had been laying on the ground the entire time but I never saw them, or missed the notification. super annoying.

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That happened to me once, R.I.P. Kez, The Hunter. I only found out that I had missing someone when I saw his knife in my storage room.

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haha, the hearthlings were like “just another day” poor Kez

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If you are desperate, you can always use the debug console (Ctrl+C) to cheat yourself back some hearthlings (add_citizen)

That’s actually a good mix of soldiers, though I would go for more of a DPS-based strategy with footmen. I guess that’s just hard mode…

Forget the soldiers more archers. But I think everyone has been in your situation. It would be cool to have a button that auto rescues that way you do not have to search for incapacitated hearthlings. They are tough to find sometimes.

you should load this save when you are losing and enable the option that let you place any stuff anywhere, so you will be able to defeat Ogo’s army with the Mountain flute
I forgot the name of the option and the name of the object…