Goblin Tasks Balance

Am I the only one who’s had some stupid requests from the goblins that are impossible to achieve, reasonably early on in the game, meaning an early Oggo attack that is hard to defend is inevitable and ruining the game?

IT seems like there isn’t any sensible logic that governs goblins requests/demands which seems quite odd for a game that has been around for so long.

Yep, this has been a issue for quite a while, Goblins sometimes ask for ridiculous items

I believe this is because the game used the same campaign tach for a long time.
Development takes a lot of time and they can’t always update every piece of tech every single time, especially when the engine is unique and blank.

With more in-depth development becoming the focus now, i bet the Team is gonna nail in on campaigns and story soon considering it’s a good point to harbor and connect more features and gameplay to!

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Just a note, but I’ve never had problems with the Ogo attack - so far, anyway. I either have fences at entrances to my village without a gate, or I have picked up several broken windchimes to fix and send the army away.

The first time I played with Rayya’s Children, I didn’t think to rush to the carpenter to be able to fix those chimes. But I learned QUICKLY! :merry:

I never choose to fight them, nor do I give in to the blackmail.

Easier said than done .

The problem I had was that I was asked to make 8 fine windows and a load of other wooden stuff in 2 days, really early on when my carpenter was a n00b, so basically impossible, even though I set them working pretty much straight away, so I had no choice.

The chime thing is a pain too when you don’t know the direction of the attack.

You will not be attacked by Ogo if you fail the requests. Ogo comes only after you defeated 3 camps (each with 1 or 2 days interval between), and the 3 wolf camps (again with some big interval between), and then, it will give you around 1 or 2 day and warn you that he is coming, than another day or so till he actually appears… Plenty of time.

If you have wood, you can craft 8 fine windows easily… Doesn’t matter your level. Ask carpenter to craft 16 windows, that will probably be enough to have the 8 fine versions, if not, just craft more. Put the items in the top of the list so he focus on that first.

The chime has a very long range, and can easily cover your entire village assuming you are small. In doubt, just put it close to your banner, and order everyone to retreat to it.

Well, what can I say. I set my carpenter to work right away & I only managed to craft 6 fine windows in the time, even before getting started on the next items, I couldn’t even make more saws at that time to make more carpenters to try to work in parallel.

The whole point is that having a ridiculous request (it was impossible I’m afraid and I don’t know what version you are playing but even with a high level carpenter I’ve not had a 50:50 regular to fine craft ratio) like that spoiled the whole game.

In the end I just restated as I know it’s in alpha but this seems like a pretty fundamental thing that needs to be fixed if the Devs ever want this to be a proper game that people buy in the regular sense.

Uuh, please Keep in mind that not all Goblins are ‘Ogo’s’ Ogo does not make any request to tribute items to him, only the first Goblin camp does, and i believe that camp’s chief name is somewhat random

Ogo doesn’t ask for anything, but you will need the wind-chime if you want to stop him by stopping mountain, his Oger friend

You are too focused on the fine items crafting, which by the way are like 40% chance at max. I’m pretty sure you can craft at least 20 in a single day, that will probably get you the 8 fine versions you need. That is what, 2 big trees?

And you missed all the other tips we gave… Ogo will NOT attack you now. That was just the first camp, you still need to defeat 3 more, than 3 wolf camps, than Ogo will appear, all that with some intervals between each camp, that will give you around 15 days until you finally see him…

But on the topic of the request balance, I think the effort to make the deal is higher than simple getting a few more soldiers, which is ok I guess, as the campaign will direct you to fight anyway, the peace deal is just delaying the fight, and is not forever. The only true peace comes from peaceful mode.

Well, yes,the fine crafting part is the main reason for this thread, as it was something that I was not able to do, which is why I’m focusing on it, and this has the title “Goblin Task Balance”

I don’t know how many times I can tell you the same thing. I set the carpenter crafting straight away, I had plenty of wood, they made 6 fine windows and I needed 8.

That’s what happened. You can call me a liar if you like, I don’t really care, I am just reporting that this happened and I think it’s not a very good way to make your game work, by the simple reasoning that if it asks you to do something it should always be possible, else just don’t bother.

The Ogo stuff is great, thanks, but it’s not the main point I wanted to make and shouldn’t really have made it I suppose as this happens when you mix 2 issues in 1 thread.

I’ve played the game plenty of times, and got way past the Ogo point too, by the way, both by fighting as well as used the wind-chime route.

Sorry, I was not clear :worried:, I’m not trying to convince you are wrong, I’m saying you are being too hard to yourself, as you don’t need to worry so much about not completing that request, that was all. :innocent: