Goblin Campaign - A16 Unstable

Alpha 16 - Unstable Branch

After defeating Ogo’s Army, does anything else happen after? I did get dialogue about the Red Kiln clan and everything but i accidentally double clicked skipping more dialogue than i thought. Ever since then i just have been under constant attack from the new enemies.

hmm… i believe the orcs come, but i’m not sure if they come as a campaign or just little raids… maybe @linda or @yshan can tell us more…

You need to kill enough kobolds for them to drop a hat. When you then make a gong out of it, you will trigger the orc campaign to continue. Also you will probably need at least 25 hearthlings.

Okay thanks, i didn’t know i needed the Gong. I just have been defending my town and slowly expanding wondering if this is it to the update.

You’re looking for a Scout’s Hat to drop from the Kobold Scout Archer. That’s the “green bling” hat for the first gong. A level 6 Blacksmith can craft the gong with the hat. As your progress through those raid’s, you’ll unlock a few more gong recipe’s to bring more fun.

This desktop Tuesday post explains the Kobolds: Desktop Tuesday: Kobolds! – Stonehearth.

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I’ve killed I don’t know how many kobolds and still no hat. I’m in Feastmun.

You’re far enough in the calendar but how many hearthlings do you have? Have you seen a Kobold with the green hat?

thirty-one hearthlings. I’ve seen the kobold with the purple hat. I’ve killed Ogo and Mountain, etc. Still no smithable hat.

edit: PC is brand new i7-6700k, 16 gigs ram, etc.

I don’t know if it’s just low drop rate or if the kobold that was supposed to drop the hat POOFED on me before I could kill it or what.

Yeah, the orc campaign is pretty bad for people with lower end pcs. You need 25 to 30 hearthlings for goblins with hats to spawn, i believe.

You’re good on the amount of hearthligns. You need 27 hearthlings to start the first epic random encounter that’ll spawn the scout. It’s a very rare drop, has a weight of 2 but I’m not sure the range of that category to tell just how rare.

The problem may be in part that the kobold encounters usually POOF away before I can kill them. I have gates set up so they linger at the map edge and never attack, I have to go to them, etc.

Yeah, this is kind of an issue. I have this too, my soldiers are constantly running around to get to enemies :smile: I think they should still approach your town and at least try to take out people outside etc.

The drop is just low. I got confirmation in another thread a while back from yshan, and I’ve gotten a couple drops in my own game with fewer hearthlings than you. It’s just a low drop. I find that sending hearthlings outside the walls, especially to mine or harvest trees, is a pretty effective way of getting baddies to attack and stay spawned. It gives you time to regroup and hunt for those hats.

Hi there!

We’ve increased the drop rate for hats and there will also be more opportunities to encounter the kobold archeres to get the kobold scout hat. We’ve also changed the raid requirements so you can get them even if you have 20 hearthlings (it is also based on days elapsed and other factors) and increased the despawn rate of raids so they are less likely to despawn while you’re in combat. These changes will be in the next build :slight_smile: .


Those are some good changes. :slight_smile:

Have you considered not destroying the raiding parties if they’re in combat? The game master could also not spawn a raid encounter if we’re still fighting one to prevent balance issues.

I can understand not wanting to overload the map so destroying spawns is necessary, but it sucks to watch them go poof.

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Yes, that is definitely something we will consider doing. :slight_smile:


Ok, another question for the goblin campaign:

Now - after killing about 15 Red Kiln and Diamond Star Devotee raiding parties one finally dropped a scouts hat. Took ages before it was picked up (due to me not having the correct stockpile activated…heh), but soon after the Gong as built and a kobold did demand shinies. His party was killed - all working perfectly so far.

Now: In that camp I found an ‘Elite Kobold Hat’ lying on the ground (right at the beginning while the kobolds were still alive). However, I cannot have it picked up (after killing the kobolds). When klicking on it the usual gold coin icon does not become active…it looks as if I already ‘own’ it. However, it is not to be found in my inventory. I do find 2 other Kobold hats and one ‘Masters Bling Hat’ in my inventory. I do have the new recipie for the ‘Decorative Elite Gong’ active - which needs an Elite Kobold Hat as ingredient.

Am I missing something? Or is there a bug preventing me from picking up the Elite Kobold Hat? Or is the next wave that can be unleashed by placing the Elite Gong simply not programmed yet?

Thanks for your help!

ehm got another problem or let’s call it double troble:

if i miss one quest both get angry, just a bug or extra luck?

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Hahah, this isba funny bug^^ Double the loot :slight_smile:

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If you mouse hover over the elite hat, the highlight should still be red which means it is the enemy’s item and you need to loot it. (If the highlight is white, it should show up in your inventory) You can loot it using the loot tool in the harvest menu or use the keyboard shortcut shift+L , and drag a box over the item.

For better clarity, I’ve added the loot command (gold coin icon) to the enemy camp pieces so the loot command should show on the unit frame. This will be in the next build.