Kobold hat? were to get?

I have not found one yet. have they been added yet or is there something I am missing?

i believe the hats are dropped by the kobolds themselves, not sure how common/rare of a drop it is though…

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hum im on my fourth or fifth month and have not seen one yet lol

how many hearthlings do you have? i think kobolds need over 20 hearthlings in order to spawn… maybe @linda could provide the actual number for us?

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I have 26 atm . and its been a bit slower for getting more since im not used to the new item limit

Yes, kobolds should occasionally drop their hats (~10% drop rate). Kobold raids should start coming after 20-25 hearthlings, but there’s a ~20% chance of the kobold raid spawning, so perhaps it just hasn’t come up yet. In today’s build we also reduced the hearthling requirement, so they have a chance of spawning after 18 hearthlings and at least 26 days have passed.

If you send me your save I can investigate futher :slight_smile:



latterly right after I read your post I seen a party spawn in and head to my town


I have managed to get a single hat to drop, but have been unable to loot it (despite repeated flags) for many in game months now. Does it have an item family associated with it? I can’t even get it into an “all the things” stockpile.

right at the moment I have too much on the ground so I have not noticed that yet
ill have to keep an eye out for that thoguht

It should be going into the gems and trophies stockpile filter. Does your town have the storage space for it (not-full stockpiles/containers) and you have not hit the inventory cap? If it does and you still can’t stock it, feel free to send me your save and I can look into it.


I could have sworn that I had my chest set to gold and gems/loot, but made a mistake. Sorry for the false alarm there.

As soon as I included the gems and loot filter, they picked it up (though as far as this kind of classification goes, I would rather see it under something like armor and weapons, or even tools, because it only serves as a crafting material. It feels wrong to have it sitting in a chest with thousands of gold).