Whats Wrong with my campaign

Hi guys i been playing stonehearth for a pretty long while. During this save, the orc campaign activated demanding their usual tribute which i ignored and just survived wave after wave of attacks to the point I got a message from the orc leader saying that they are bored of us and decided to pack up and leave camp. Does this mean my combat campaign has come to a total halt? I m already at 27 hearthlings, have a few scout gongs on the floor but no continuation of the campaign as well as few attacks. Also i m playing on hard mode :S

no. they will come back. as far as I know the quest line is the same as it is in normal?

at some point you will be required to craft a gong out of a hat to continue the fighting. which requires a level 6 blacksmith to create the item. until then you will have the usual random mobs to fight to train up your defenses.

Yea i placed 4 of the hats down without anyone prompting me to do so. After the Orcs left initially the number of enemies attacking really dwindled like crazy. Wonder if its a bug

I’m at 30 Hearthlings now and I have the Scout gong on the floor. I get attacked fairly regularly but for the past 4-5 new Hearthlings, I haven’t seen new mobs, or the type of monster I need to craft the Elite gong. Am I doing something wrong?

I have noticed sometimes that new mobs will not attack unless you clear all the ‘camps’ near your base. I’ve had as many as four camps on the map at any time, between hearthtenders, varanus spawn, orcs, and wolves. I’d have to kill every one of them in order to progress the next type of battle or invasion.

I constantly clear out all the mobs on the entire map, so I don’t know if that causes as issue or not, but I would assume it would because the game doesn’t spawn enemies on top of other enemies because they would fight each other until one side is completely dead. this happens randomly sometimes already, but the random mobs and the campaign mobs are different so the parameters required to spawn at a location are probably different. safe bet, kill everything and that might fix it

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