Enemies not spawning? no campaign progression?

I started a hard campaign and I’m on the 28th day now without a mention of any orcs, kobolds or even the wolf dialogue that I used to see. Has there been a recent change in the last release that changed the campaign entirely? not sure how to progress from here as I can kill everything easily at the mo.

Thanks, Jimbob767

Hi there,

Could you possibly upload the save here so we can investigate further?

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Did you turtle real hard? I have had that happen when I went totally on the defensive in a small box canyon. My small starter area was completely blocked off. I would only have a few encounters like the pebble and wood guys but the campaign would not start. Once I open up my village to the “outside” world, the campaign started, but I was wiped out by Kobold as my population had grown, without having enough experienced soldiers.


Haven’t shared a save before but I’m guessing this will work?

@Geokhan I mined into a cliff side and walled myself off and then mined a moat along the wall on the outside with one ladder in and out of the moat and a ladder at the back to the top of the cliff. Goblin camps were spawning at the top. Well almost everything was and they were killing each other. I slowly leveled my footman up without taking the spawning fire pit so that I could farm them but when I eventually did kill them off nothing has spawned since.

Also worth noting is that a giant zombie came in and killed one of the last remaining camps and I haven’t seen a single goblin boss yet.

I’m on day 21 of a normal campaign, and I’ve seen a similar lack of enemies. Giant Zombies, the occasional goblin raider or wolf, yes, and lots of treelings and stonelings, but no Goblin campaign, and no sign of orcs or kobolds at all.

I had a REALLY slow start, though - made it to day 18 with only 9 hearthlings and a single footman, so I had chalked it up to difficulty matching. Just saw that others were having similar experiences and thought I’d chime in.

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I played your save game and noticed that your total net worth was only around 2000. The campaign triggers on your population and net worth.

once I got it up to 4k and 13 folks the campaign triggered.


Thanks man, I don’t remember having to get that rich before? Welp now I look stupid XD

No problems, they changed how net worth was calculated. the items you produce do not contributes as much as they used to. it used to be that you could craft net worth faster than building it. with the change it put more emphasis on making the buildings than a dwarf bunker for net worth.

Yes, it is finally some punishment for the cave-dwellers who don’t build anything :smile:

Ah, that’ll be my problem too, then. I only had a half-dozen buildings when I stopped playing last night.