[SOLVED] No enemies spawning

Somehow in my games are no enemies spawning anymore. Usually on day 2 (i think) there is a little raiding party of stone/wood dudes. I didn’t notice at first when I already played for a few ingame days but when I did, I tried some new saves. I had a new mod (norsling kingdom or sth like that) and thought that might cause the issue. But also with all mods deactivated (except debug tool and “easy mode” mod) no enemies at all. With the mod I play on “easy” and that always worked fine. Now I can’t even trigger spawns with the campaign browser, nothing happens when I click “trigger now”. I think this started happning 2 hotfixes ago (including the one tonight, so with the hotfix before).
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Wait a few ingame days
  3. realise nothing happens

Expected Results:
Enemies/raiding parties spawning (starting on day 2 according to the campaign browser)
Actual Results:
No enemies at all
I’m on day 5 now and still no enemies
Savefile where no enemies want to spawn (I hope i uploaded the correct files)
1528892135198.rar (3.2 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 24+ unstable
Easy mode difficult
System Information:

Well, finally tested without mods at all. Enemies spawning again. I really didn’t think this tiny mod would cause the trouble. Sorry :smiley:

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I tested and it worked fine.
Monsters take more time and requires more networth/citizens/military to spawn, that is the only change.

Your save basically has no military strength. Random encounters needs to detect a stronger camp to spawn :slight_smile: Add more equips and soldier and it will happen.
Goblins campaign require 3000 gold, you have 80.

Yes, I understand there are no goblins or camps spawning. But not even the little wooden ones did, but def. did in the past. I always only have the one footman protecting my village from the small enemies when I start. Only equipped with the wooden sword. And I’m playing with your mod since… forever. :'D
Anyway, I’m gonna try again. Thanks

What changed from previous versions is that now we start with 5 villagers, that definitely contributes to a lower score.

Yes, but the 5 hearthlings aren’t really new. Last week it seemed different with the enemy spawn than now. I start a new game, promote one guy as a footman, a carpenter and a trapper. The wooden mini enemies spawned on day 2 or 3, everything as usual. But when they haven’t spawned on day 9 (in a previous save) I got a bit suspicious. And first thought it’s the norsling mod causing this.
But I will just try again. :slight_smile:

Alright, so after a complete reinstall of the game and the same conditions like I said above, I’m on day 3 and an enemy spawned. I’m going to dig myself a hole deep in the ground now for not thinking of reinstalling the game earlier x)