Is possible to skip all campaigns by accident?

i been playing in the latest dev a new village and get enemys spawning all the time. but the campaigns are not starting, i am already fighting kobolds and orcs and didint get the goblin chief to apear.

So if anyone knows all the conditions for then to appear and know if this is not a bug to help me!

Doy you have any mods installed or are you playing vanilla? Some mods are overwriting the UI and other content of the game. If not, on which difficulty are you playing?

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@flpsantoss, what’s your net worth? Goblins appear at 4000 net worth.


Oh, I thought the campaigns were determined by time and hearthling count. But the altter is determined through networth, so my guess was at least partially true.

@sdee “Its over 9000” Day 28, 21 hearthlings, and some buildings

the big open area on the left was made just a day before and i made another on the botton.

i am thinking that as i chose a place where there was no open space for the goblins camp to spawn they didint spawn


Have you tried to place a ladder down those cliffs in the lower left corner in the picture? Trees shouldn’t be a problem to spawn the camp, but I think it has a minimal distance to your village and needs a way to it.

yes, i build a ladder down two hills and nothing, i will try to use the debug tools to look more about why they didint show up

Then I’m out of ideas. Sorry that I couldn’t help more.

@sdee So i use the debug tools to try to figure what happened and when i opened the campaign browser i discovery that my goblin campaign was waiting to start, so i forced it to start and it create a camp.


Hm, so it was looking for a place to put itself, and failing. Good deductions! Paging @Albert