No goblin campaign

Started off with a town, and two raiding camps spawned within a few days. I ignored them, as I wanted to build up my military strength, but now I am ready to fight, none have spawned. Its been around 40 ingame days without one, and I really want to start it otherwise I’m just stuck fighting kobold archers and ogres…

You need 4000 wealth before the goblin campaign starts, it won’t start if you have less than this, also uploading your save will help the people to find the problem :slight_smile:

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In the end I just used dev tools to trigger it, but I had way over 20000 net worth. Not sure if it could find a space to put the camp possibly or if it was waiting on something else?

Without seeing your game it’s hard to say why this happened – but yes, if the game cannot find adequate space in a certain proximity to your settlement to place the Goblin camp, it will simply bypass this event.