How to manuallly start the goblin quest

I’m on a new Alpha 20 save, and the Goblin quest simply didn’t trigger. No goblin campsites, no goblin wolves or goblin threats, nothing. Groups of orcs and kobolds do spawn randomly, but nothing further than that.

Is there any way I can start the goblin quest manually? I loaded the debugtools mod and I thought you could reset quests via the quest tree explorer thing, but I couldn’t do anything other than expand/retract the tree.

How much net worth do you have? It needs a little less than 4000 in order to trigger.
Also, how much space is around your town? The goblin camp needs to have a path to your town, and enough space to spawn, and it will appear within a certain range from the border of your town.

Even if you try to spawn it with debug tools, it won’t appear if you don’t meet the requirements.

I have 20k in net worth. As for space, I think I have plenty of it because sometimes the crypts still spawn.

I think it’s easier if you guys check the save file, then: Dropbox - Link not found.