Goblin demands - can't complete the demand

I had a goblin demand a wooden chest and two carpenter’s workbench. I have the items but cannot click “here you go” when he arrives and this leads to me losing villagers :frowning:

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There’s a bug concerning the goblin demands : if you had to remove items to your storage in order to complete the demand the game won’t consider these items and you’ll not be able to give them.
I don’t know if the bug should be solved ; when you post a bug, select the Bug report category :wink:


They were definitely constructed by my carpenter - I cancelled queued orders for other items in order to have them made on-time.

Stupid question : are you sure these were the good items to give ?
Hello @moderators :smile:

Yep - exactly what they asked for.

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I had the same issue in the latest unstable branch. They wanted 4 Large vases from my potter. I had 2 in my inventory and told him to make 4 more, so they had 6 to choose from.

I noticed that while the quest would not complete, the goblins were staying neutral and not hostile (I may have sent a pair of soldiers to… negotiate).

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(reposted from another thread) There are a couple of different threads floating around with various issues regarding the Goblin chief’s demands. In addition to sometimes not being able to complete the demand (or he just never returns) - the problem seems to exist that once you pay tribute, one of two things happen:

  1. The Goblin Chief never returns again (after you pay tribute) - effectively perma-peace (some may like that though!) - stuck - bug?

  2. The Goblin Chief gets killed by another enemy and then all of the camps and wolves turn on your Hearthlings immediately upon his death … depending on how many are in the area this could be a problem as you can imagine.

There are some issues that are bugs and some that are gameplay issues.

I think the intended scenario is that after awhile the goblin chief comes back and demands more and more tribute to keep the peace with you, correct? As far as I can tell that’s not happening in the current unstable build.

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I can not really tell if the goblin chief would continue to increase demands, since the first one I was forced to not accept. Due to problems mentioned above. The fact, even if I accommodate in storage the specific amount demanded, the UI never updates or registers the new items that were made.

Basically it only registers what is in storage when you press the ok button initially. So if I so happen to have what he is demanding, then all is go. If not then this particular thing happens, and one is forced to not accept when the goblin comes back to pick up.

I have noticed this in A13, and A14 (2 patches ago, the one left over last weekend) So can’t say for sure in current, but from the sounds of it seems like it is still happenning.

The only thing I can think of is that the quest itself is not updating upon return to check again if the demands have been met. More specifically requirements for demands. And usually the UI reflects that. In my experience with this particular bug/glitch.

I will have to start a new game in order to check on this, as my current one I am actually finished with the goblin campaign scenario that was forced aggression from the start. Well hopefully they find the solution to this if it is still there. :slight_smile:

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@linda, did I see that you checked in a fix for this? Or for something related?

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@Velvet, can you confirm what version of the game you encountered this in?

Yes, the goblin chief should be able to accept items now. However, currently encounters are not backwards compatible, so if they loaded an old game, the goblin request encounter will still have the old bug.

Can you confirm whether this is a loaded game or a new game on the latest unstable?


I can confirm it was reloaded, version 0.13.0 (I am a newbie, only been playing last couple of days.)

In my session, it is a new game on the latest unstable branch.

0.14.0 (develop 2797) x64


Load the save and the Goblin quest is already up and accepted. They want 4 Large Urns, there are 6 in my stockpile. The goblins are still neutral. Unless I mis-understand the quest and giving them the 4 Large Urns does not happen immediately?

@Velvet: Seems like you and Linda are talking about different game versions! She has implemented the fixes in the latest Alpha 14 develop builds (0.14.0), and you are playing on the Alpha 13 branch.

@Vahla: [quote=“Vahla, post:13, topic:19349”]
Unless I mis-understand the quest and giving them the 4 Large Urns does not happen immediately?
It does not happen immediately. Once you reach a certain net worth value, the chief will arrive and demand items from you. If you accept, you have some time to craft the items as needed. Not sure the length of time of the top of my head, but it is at least a day or two. Then he will return and demand the items.