Unable to give goblin items

unable to give goblin items he asks for
a goblin chieftain came into camp and requested 3 reinforced wood doors. I had 5 in my inventory but it claimed i only had 2 and would not make the trade
Steps to reproduce:

  1. a goblin with a pointy hat walks into camp
  2. asks for 3 reinforced wood doors
  3. unable to give them when he returns

Expected Results:
give goblin chieftain the doors to satisfy him
Actual Results:
unable to give items even with extra in inventory


Versions and Mods:
latest version
System Information:
windows 8 surface pro 3

hey there @ZebZeb, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i believe i’ve seen this bug reaported before, gimme a sec to see if i can find it.

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