Goblin paid with mounted window frames

The goblins demanded 5 wooden window frames, so I made 5 wooden window frames and hade them in a stockpile. When the goblins came back to claim their price I let them have it and all was well. Then I noticed that all 5 window frames where still in the stockpile. At first I thought it was a bug that caused the goblins to not take what they’d asked for, but some times later I noticed that 5 window frames were missing on my building.

Expected Results:
I expected them to take the frames in the stockpile first, though I admit it’s quite charming to imagine them runing into town and pulling the window frames out of the walls, just to be rude. If that’s a feature it should be animated though and you should be able to place new window frames in the openings. As it is now (as far as I’ve seen), if you’re not in building mode you can just place window frames on vertical surfaces and then they have the opening towards the surface, so if you try to place them inside an opening in a wall they will face the wrong way.

Alpha 11

P.S. Love the game!! D.S.


This happened to me during one of the last releases before A11 went live. I’m pretty sure it’s just a bug because I doubt they would make it so that goblins can take placed items when you can’t replace them (like windows and doors).

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This is still happening. I literally just experienced this problem in my game. Goblin chief demanded 8 wooden windows so I made about 12 just in case because I was also building a house at the time. When he came back to collect the payment he snatched them right out of the walls! Rude, right?

Is anyone still seeing this happen in release-460 or after?

I will try to reproduce today albert !
Keeping you on the case :smiley: