Any way to make it more difficult?

Hi all,

Really enjoying what i’ve seen of Stonehearth so far, just bought the game yesterday. I just have one question:

Is there any downside to surrounding my settlement with wooden fences? I’ve found that these completely protect me from invaders, which has made progression a little un-challenging. I know that Ogres are able to break down gates, but since i don’t have any gates on my outer perimeter, this would presumably negate the issue. Am i failing to foresee any issues with this tactic?

I know that there has been talk of adding the ability for invaders to damage fences and walls etc, but i’m guessing at this point, it’s a fool proof way of keeping them out? If that’s the case, i guess i will just have to self impose a rule whereby all my fences have a gate in order to allow some weakness…

Unless anyone can suggest a mod that might add enemies with abilities to overcome my defense?

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I think the downside is that you will be forever locked inside your own area if you let the enemies increase their numbers. Also, enemy archers could fire from the other side if they have the range.

You could just not make defences, that way the game is harder. I prefer to not make “defences” and just battle every raid, this makes the game more interesting.

The other thing is, I wouldn’t count walling yourself in as defence, more an exploit as the system doesn’t know how to deal with it.

I personally think the enemy just needs to be able to build ladders. From an RP standpoint, they can use weapons and can talk, surely they can make a ladder or at least throw/shoot a vine to the top of a wall to climb it. From a gameplay standpoint, having my walls destroyed all the time sounds annoying.

Ah, see this is the sort of thing i was wondering. At some point i will need to expand my borders. Am i right in thinking that the enemy numbers will just keep increasing as the spawn in, leading to an all out assault by them as soon as i open a hole in the fence? Or do they eventually just de-spawn? Hope it’s the former…

Yeah, it did cross my mind to just not use defences. But i like to use a game to it’s full potential. If it allows something without any “hacking”, i see it as part of the game until changed… Though i do see your point about it being an explout. That’s why i’m considering imposing some willpower and making myself leave gates on my fences… I was just hoping there might be another consequence of the walled in tactic…

Maybe a combination of the 2? Smaller, more frequent mobs would use ladders, whilst bigger more rare mobs would just come smashing through. Creates the need for 2 different approaches to defending your settlement depending on the enemy :slight_smile:

I believe they do eventually despawn. Sometimes when enemies can’t find a way their AI ends up wasting a lot of processing power trying to find an impossible path.

I’m all up for saving processor power, it’s just a shame about the defence being so easy.

But, it’s still Alpha, so i’ll put my own weaknesses in for now :slight_smile: Doesn’t make sense to have a fence without a gate anyway! :smiley: