Iron/Wooden Gates for Walls and Castles

Hello There,

I have been building lately a lot of Castles and Walls on my Stonehearth saves. However, I have been noticing a lack of a big gate that I can lock and unlock whenever I want. I mean, what mix more with fantasy medieval games and also RPG? Big Castles with big Gates that can be destroy by Ogres and Siege Weapons! I have been asking myself if someone have been thinking the same about it. It would be amazing see this engine in the future Updates and Alphas.


There’s a portcullis gate in the game files, but it’s not ready for using yet.


Hello Relyss,

Oh, it’s nice! I was wondering if it’ll be stronger than normal doors against enemies. It would be amazing seem the knock down animation of this item ^^.

Thank you for your time.

I was thinking about castle gates as well, lately. A large gate with a portcullis or a fully functionial drawbridge would be cool.


But, how monsters would broke in? They could use ladders to jump the wall or maybe something to push the drawbridge down. It would be just epic !

Siege weapons! :slight_smile:
Or some enemies have the ability to build improvised bridges to cross moats. We’ll see what TR has in store.


I remember when stonehearth had the old website and this picture used to be on the media section, I honeslty love the gate here, I hope the devs are still planning on adding it, and having enemys destroy it would be awesome too.

Regardless, I love the idea of gates, it may be a while till we get gates, but I’m sure something awesome including gates is planned for the future :slight_smile:


Me too! And the guards standing besides it. I hope that we can asign guards to doors/gates one day. I want to protect my warehouses from those pesky little goblin thieves.

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I would be definitely epic! I’m just anxious to see the possibility of Trolls or big Ogres destroy the stone walls or something like that. Imagine, it would be so amazing and without doubt the most scary moment that a player can have.

Just Imagine, you are with your footman and archers at the wall then you see an Ogre and you think at the first moment: :slight_smile: " It will bug or just focus at my gate/door … the game is in alpha " and suddenly he start hitting your walls…

XDDD I really need to stop being so hooked on Lord of the Rings, though.