A request for Gates

Can you please Large gates for castles and such. Want to fortify my town but there are no large gates


Maybe when they are done with conversations they will take a closer look at construction and add more items overall, maybe Iron doors for the Blacksmith to make, or a Portcullis for the Engineer.

While they are at it, could they please center furniture in the grid so you can have centered tables next to windows? Overall, I just want more decorations.

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You can ask a Modder. Maybe they already work on something like that.

I can’t try it myself unfortunately cause i have to study how to integrate animated elements

Only after the overhaul not before :slight_smile:

And drawbridges! Let’s not forget drawbridges! Let the orcs lay siege upon our fortresses if they wish to get in! :smirk_cat:


I really can’t find where is the code to animate the door model. It’s not in the model file. And also there is no reference to an extern effect